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The Cry of God

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Have you wondered what it sounds like?

What are you doing my children???

There is blood on your hands.

There is death on your streets.

You have wandered far from truth.

You are a villain, a culprit.

The case is closed.

The warrant is official.

You have turned away from love.

You have broken my commandments.

Thou shalt not kill.

Is it not enough that I tether you to my bosom?

Hold me tighter God for I am unsure of you.

I cannot feel your love in this world of suffering.

Take our bombs away God. Take our weapons.

Bury them forever.

Let our weapon be your love, your strength, your divine will.

Let us carry one another home, to you God.

Not home in death, but home, right here on earth.

Where Heaven meets a ghastly world come undone at her seams.

Let us call to you, oh God!!!

Take our pain, take our wounds, and heal them God!

Let us not scorn one another; let us not fall again and again, not learning.

Let us be free to love, to laugh, to play and to wonder.

Make us see your truth, oh God!

That pain cannot be healed with more pain.

Help us God, for we know not how to heal.

Let your love heal the wounds of mankind.

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