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Spiritual Truths and Awakening

The Self Realization Fellowship/Yogananda

The Second Coming of Christ

Sananda's Message

The Hearts Center

Summit Lighthouse

Integrative Chakra Therapy

Angel Numbers

Before you embark on your truth seeking journey of understanding the greater picture of the universe, know that there are both good and evil forces acting at all times and we are seeking to understand evil, heal from it, and choose the path of Ascension toward embodying God's Divine Love. I am not saying everything you read from the below figures is correct; so please verify information using multiple sources. Thank you!

Disclosure: Extraterrestrials and UFO'S

Vashta ET Drawings

                                                                     Dr Michael Salla (I recommend his books)


Dr Steven Greer


David Wilcock 

Project Camelot

Light Party

Sphere Being Alliance



"I Remember Union."

"Jesus and Mastership."

"The Nag Hammadi."

"Lords of the Seven Rays."

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