Welcome to Ascension!

           We are now in a time of enormous spiritual, mental and emotional growth and advancement! We are here now at this time, space, universe, reality and dimension to reverse the current paradigm of modern human slavery, disease and suffering. Everything we experience results from a thought, whether a positively constructed thought, or a negatively constructed thought. We are now in an era where we are the mental engineers and programmers of our human experiences; either choosing to let go of or hold on to our suffering with each thought we think.

        The future planet Earth, or "The New Earth," is one of Creators only; Masters of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies that we inhabit and operate. Our present reality is one of great struggle: self-hatred, depression, anxiety, addiction, fear and confusion. We are plagued with lack and deficit in an abundant and self-sustaining universe. We deserve better. It is time to turn the tide and write a new chapter in history for the human family at large.

Wait...What about the "Second Coming of Christ?"

       A lot of people talk about "The Second Coming of Christ." This has been widely misunderstood in recent decades. Jesus is not going to be returning "In the flesh," as his God-particle already achieved it's mission and final ascension here on Earth 2000 years ago. However, it is now a very important time for many souls here on Earth who are now awakening and remembering their true spiritual origins. Earth is set up for Ascension from third to fourth density reality; this is also widely known as Fifth Dimension or the Golden Age of Aquarius.

       Ascension is no joke! Jesus of Nazareth did not tap into his God-power over night, in fact he trained for years in the East before his ministry and healing work began. And, did you know that Mary Magdalena, his other half, incarnated before him and was greatly involved in training Jesus and helping him to carry out his mission? To learn more see the book, "I Remember Union." 

Again, there most certainly is a Second Coming of The Christ Light and Love, within our collective human consciousness already taking place.


To learn more about the spiritual Truths that Jesus and Mary came to teach see Paramahansa Yogananda's works, namely, "The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You."

We are in the process of building the New Earth. This is a huge undertaking, yet it is well underway. In order to achieve our new, higher reality, healing must be accomplished on every level of our being.

 In order to aid in this process, I am working with my higher guidance to develop what I call, "The New Earth Healing Program." I am setting out to heal, to the highest possible level, all long-standing pain, trauma, insecurity and fear in the human family. For those who wish to heal and ascend to fourth density there will be a lot of help available.

To read more on Ascension see my Truth Blog and download my papers below:

Here is a PDF copy of my full length paper, "Arriving at the Promised Land: What on Earth Will it Take?

Here is a PDF copy of my full length paper, "Awaiting the Moment of Truth that Will Change the World Forever."