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We are all paid actors on the stage of life; what is our payment? Knowledge of God, wisdom, love and beauty.

God bless God.


If God doesn’t love itself than what loves God? We are in individualized soul experiences for our one creator; in other words, God banged, splitting itself into infinite and equal parts, all with the same hidden potential for mastery of all that God is. Some of God’s individualized soul particles are at higher levels of mastery and some are at lower levels of mastery, thus explaining why there is an illusion of duality. God is One, however when one particle of God masters itself completely it manifests on the earth plane, or the created universe as, “a God.” This just means that a “little” or less developed God-particle recognizes a “bigger” or more highly developed God-particle. No one being is better than any other, for that would imply Ego, and God has no requirement for  Ego, as Ego is a learning platform in the worlds of suffering.


So if God has no need for, “being right,” than how does God who has mastered It’s own self determine morality? All of morality is based on Justice and Truth as determined by God’s cabinet, or, as it is called “The God Head.” Justice is served according to a common interest for God in It’s entirety to learn completely of that which It has intended to understand, achieve and embody- namely, everlasting love. Love is the compass which points God towards righteousness. So from a human standpoint, if you desire to be “right” or “morally correct,” you must judge yourself, your soul, your individual God-particle, from a standpoint of true Divine Love. For a God-particle to learn what true love really is requires many physical experiences, whether that means as a rodent, a pig, a plant, a rhinoceros, a human being, an other worldly being, etc. ad infinitum…. Do not despair, for there are always more chances for God to “get it right” and return once again to completion, knowing truly and fully that It is Love, always and forever.

And God said, "Let there be Light! But there will be much darkness for you to overcome."

God one day: "Struggle no more my child!!!!"

God the next day: "Keep struggling!"

Man often speaks of “the wrath of God,” this is incorrect; it is not God who loses Its supreme cool, rather it is man whose anger and ego get the best of him causing him to lose his senses. God only works within the guidelines of divine justice, deeming it necessary at times to take action for the collective growth and evolution of man.

While our "value" here on Earth may be measured by how much money we have,  our "value" in Heaven is based on how much Love we have for ourselves, God, and all other beings. Since we are all made in God's Divine image of Love, our entire goal as souls in human form is centered on learning to embody and bring forth this image by allowing the Divine Love of God to flow through us in its entirety.

Love and Pain:

God’s version of Love: "I love you, and all I ask is that you learn to love yourself completely and love all other beings."


Human version of Love: "I love you, so you have to do this and this and this and this and this for me…"


Pain is God's deepest and truest desires for man, unfulfilled.


Pain is the Human mind's fear of eternal suffering.

Atheism results from the failure to find God outside of one's own being; instead of first finding and fostering God's Divine qualities within.



Christ VS Anti-Christ:

Christ= Love, Light and the divine potential for all good.

Thought + Love/Light= Creating.

Anti-Christ= When a being creates something for the purpose of destruction of life and good.

Thought + Fear/Darkness= Destroying.

Good VS Evil:


Evil = When one consciously causes the suffering of others.

Good= God's infinite potential to love and create out of this love.

Not Good and Not Evil, But Not Great:

a. When one is attached to his/her own suffering.

b. When one unconsciously harms others due to a deep need for others to feel their suffering.

God is not any one person or thing; rather God is comprised of many Divine Qualities; namely love, wisdom and strength. Within these qualities reside the many lessons a soul is here on Earth to master.

It is not enough for God to be on your side, as God is always on your side; always there waiting with an outreached hand. The real question is, are you on God's side? Are you on the side of Love and Truth?

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