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Celebrate yourself; celebrate your soul.

Thought is the most important freedom we have. 

Science and spirituality are intricately linked; there is no God without vibration and electric-charge, and there certainly is no chemical reaction without divine power.

Stumbling through the darkness

you forget that you are the light.

You are only ever battling the thoughts in your mind.

We often forget to congratulate ourselves even on the small things we have achieved. In fact we usually achieve way more than the mistakes we beat ourselves up for. Really we are all divine perfect designs learning to master our own souls and our part of God. Even when we don't have everything we want, we have accomplished many amazing feats in all of our lives. We are heroes, each and every one of us.

God reigns true within each and every one of us, it is only when we turn from loving ourselves that we self-destruct. In every moment we have the power to love ourselves or leave ourselves behind in the darkness; love yourself in every moment, and remember the depths you have been through to reach your current level of God-love, God-awareness, and truth.

Keep climbing, however slowly, and surely, you will reach infinity.

Put Your Pain To Work For You.

God resides deep within the human heart and soul; which is why it is often difficult to find God in a book, or a church, or a piece of clothing; for those material things reflect the mind of Man at different stages of understanding God. The world we live in is a reflection of the collective Mind of God, and until we align this collective mind with the heart and soul of Creation we will not have a loving, just and harmonious worldly experience. Until we realize our God-self- the untapped love and light within the human heart and soul- we will continue to destroy in our mental and physical reality.

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