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  • Emotional Support Group


Are you looking for emotional support in San Diego? Do you often wonder why it is so hard to change your emotions and find balance through intense emotional weather? If traditional psychology models like CBT, ACT and DBT have not helped you to find the healing you need, join me as I introduce the concept of mental and emotional mastery! We will look deeper into the causes of chronic mental and emotional patterns such as fear, anxiety, doubt, OCD and addiction. I will introduce concepts, worksheets and models from my, “New Earth Healing Program.” Success in healing is grounded in developing an understanding of one’s self, soul and God’s Divine Love. This group is for people who crave growth on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


-Topics we will discuss include: How do we react and respond to our emotions on a daily basis? How do others react and respond to our emotions? How are emotions like the weather? How does empathy affect our emotions? What are the Lower and Higher Selves? Are we helpless in the face of our suffering, or can we find the power to change our experience through developing a relationship with the Higher Self?

  • God and Truth Seekers Discussion Group

Are you feeling alone, discouraged or angry in a beautiful world whose truths are enshrouded by lies and fear?

Many of us struggle with the concept of God and yearn to know the truth of our existence. We want to know where we are headed in a very conflicted, violent and polarized world. We are not satisfied with our religious upbringing, and the information we have been taught has left us with more questions than answers. The search for truth begs of us to look inward to the soul, the immortal God-fragment or particle, which represents our true nature- Divine Love. When we reach the soul, we remember that we are spiritual beings in a human outfit for purposes of soul growth and ascension.  

Let us come together and discuss the depth of our being, beyond the material and human to the soul and spirit. We will ask the bigger questions and support one another in understanding who and what we are, why we’re here, and where we are headed at this pivotal time on planet Earth as we collectively ascend to a higher level of consciousness!

  • Understanding and Healing Loneliness: An in depth psycho-spiritual exploration.                      

It's hard to talk about loneliness, but the reality is that it affects most of us at some point in our lives and can negatively impact our health. If you are experiencing chronic or acute loneliness, you are not alone! Loneliness is rarely taken into account when it comes to our mental health, so at this support group we openly acknowledge the phenomenon of loneliness in our society and discuss how it affects us on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. I created a 4 week discussion format allowing for a deep inner exploration on the human experience of loneliness.

1 on 1 support (and group support when available).

What you will get from this journey:


1. Compassion and Empathy

2. A deeper understanding of the causes of your loneliness and the loneliness epidemic in this world.
3. A Loneliness Survival Cheat Sheet to fill in.
4. Coping tools including exercises and short meditations.

WEEK 1: How and why do we experience loneliness?
WEEK 2: What are our needs as human and spiritual beings? Read, "Loneliness: An Epidemic?" Hannah Schulze
WEEK 3: What is the purpose of our loneliness? Is physical aloneness always emotional loneliness? Read, "Move from Loneliness to Aloneness." Osho
WEEK 4: How do we experience human and Divine Love?

  • Beginner Telepathy Thought Tracking Worksheet


This worksheet is for people experiencing intrusive thoughts that are either positive or negative. This worksheet is registered with the Library of Congress. Please feel free to share.

  • Gay Individuals who identify as “Transgender” Spiritual Pyschology Research Survey

Are you gay and do you identify as “transgender/transsexual” or desire to have a sex change? If so please participate in my independent research study by completing this survey!




To Sign up for any of the following, please text or call 619-786-1951. Also, please join my meetup group: New Earth Healing Group

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