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New Earth Healing Program

I'm am currently in the process of writing and editing this 3 Part Spiritual Work which includes a Workbook.

The whole foundation of the New Earth Healing Program is God's Divine Love and Truth, and therein understanding one's Divine Truth as a developing and ascending God-particle.


This 4 step program begins with developing an awareness of self-created thoughts which create an experience of suffering. Once these thoughts are brought to light one then re-aligns these negative and unloving thoughts with Divine Love and Truth.  Following this realignment one continues to work with troubling thoughts and uncomfortable emotions using other components of the Healing Program. 

Aligning with the Collective God-Self or Higher Self is achieved throughout the healing program and requires continual self-awareness and the desire to allow, feel and emanate God's Love.  


The other components of the program are as follows:


*Model for Healthy Emoting: Teaches one to get in touch with one's primary emotions, express these emotions in a healthy way and release unhealthy quantities of heavy, dense emotions. This model involves calling on God's divine assistance and anchoring into God.


*Mastery of the Field of the Local Mind: This part of the healing program involves understanding beginning telepathy and knowing when one's local mind is under attack from an outside entity or "other-being thought."



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How you can help:

Please send prayers for the successful completion of this work. Developing this Healing Program is a huge and daunting undertaking. I would greatly appreciate any donations to my work. Thank You! 

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