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Hello Seeker of God and Truth. We have been fooled. America is not the free nation we were taught to believe in. Much work is needed to uncover the lies and reveal the Truth that will set us free as a nation on our path toward sovereignty.  No matter how difficult the reality is to swallow, it is of utmost urgency that we opt for this Truth rather than the poison we have been brainwashed with for decades. The time is NOW for full disclosure of the real enemy of the people- the Deep State and their negative E.T. Draco allies. The battle between fear and love can only be won with the cold hard Truth. Our election was stolen, a pandemic was faked, a PCR test was faked, case numbers were faked... Lives were lost to suicide, drug over-dose and murder. We will not stand for this; every lie must be revealed and Truth must and will set us free. 

A Message From The God-Head On Masks and Human Rights Abuses.

Honored And Exalted Be Thy Name.


Never Give Up.

We Are Now Afraid Of Coming Close To Our Own Brothers And Sisters For Fear Of A Disease That Is Mostly Manageable And Heals Quickly. We Now Have A New Disease: Germ Phobia. Germ Terror. This Will Not Help Our Cause To Come Together For We Can No Longer Fear A Virus As Common Now As The Common Cold.  When Fear Works Love Has To Work Harder. When Fear Works Love Has To Work Harder. Children Are No Longer Allowed To Play Together In School Rooms In Classrooms Across The Country, Parents Are No Longer Allowed To Earn A Living, Our Very Freedom To Pursue Our American Dreams Is Gone. Look Now Into The Eyes Of The Broken Hearted And Hear The Cries Of A Hurting World. This Is A Test Of Our Ability To Love, To Fight, And To Work Together United In A Common Cause For Freedom. Do What Feels Right My Children, Not What You Are Told. We Can't Stress This Enough.


I will not submit myself to the faulty rules and orders of tyrant governors who have no heart to govern justly; I will listen only to the Divine Guidance of God Itself. 


What Will You Do To Change History? We Must Pave The Path Of Truth On The Road To Freedom. 


We Do Not Take Lightly The Act Of Lying In God's Creation, Especially When Such Lies Are Responsible For Extensive Suffering: Fear, Distress, Loss Of Jobs And Livelihood, Loss of Good Health And Friendships, Loss Of Life By Suicide And Drug Overdose, Loss Of Religious Freedom; Loss Of The Freedom To Walk About As We Are With Smiles On Our Faces.


These Mask Laws Are Not God's Laws But Human Laws That Are Not In Alignment With Divine Love, Truth and Justice.


It Does Not State In The 10 Commandments, "Thou Shall Cover Thy Nose And Mouth With A Face Covering So Long As There Is Infection In The Community."

No. It Is Rather The Contrary, "Thou Shall Receive Adequate Oxygenation, Rest, Nourishment, Loving Care, Prayer And Community To Ward Off All Illness: Mental And Physical Alike."


If We Continue To Follow Blindly Without Questioning What We Are Told To Do, Where Will We End Up?


If We Continue To Believe Everything We Read, Hear And See, How Will We Know Freedom?

God Stands for Truth, Justice and Order. A Society Following Rules Not Founded Upon Truth And Science Shall Not Prosper. A Society Not Standing For The Divine Love Of God Shall Not Prosper. Only A People Who Stand United In God's Divine Love, Truth And Common Humanity Shall Flourish.


We Can No Longer Remain In Darkness Regarding Our Past, Our Present Or Future. We Cannot Remain A Naïve Human Race Clouded By False Securities In Physical and Material Goods. A Mask Will Not Ward Off Imminent Death; Only God Decides When One's Time On Earth Is Over. A Mask Will Not Help A Species Communicate Audibly And Clearly. A Mask Will Not Help Uplift A Community. A Social Distance Will Not Reduce The Spread Of A Disease That Is Largely Asymptomatic And Non-Transmissible. No, A Mask Will Induce A Victim Mentality In The Consciousness of Humankind. We Are Not Here To Be Victims Any Longer; We Are Here To Fight For Freedom And Achieve Our Rightly Inherited Ascension To A Higher Level Of Feeling, Thinking And Acting. This Inheritance Shall Come, But Not Without Resistance By Those Not Willing To Allow A World-Wide Healing Movement Deemed Necessary By God Itself.


It Is Important That You Take Heed And Listen To The Words I Speak. It Is Important That You Stand Up For Yourself And Your Fellow Human Beings And Your Divine Right To Live A Peaceful And Healthy Life Free From Fear, Free From Lies, And Free From Abuse By A Malicious Enemy With The Intent To Control You.


Thou Shall Not Seek To Control Others, But Thou Shall Only Seek To Learn Self Control.


Do Not Follow Blindly My Children.


It Is Not God's Will For This Behavior To Continue, It Is God's Will For Justice And Truth To Prevail Across This Planet.

Join us in a Revolutionary Movement to Take back our Constitutional and Medical Freedoms!

ReOpen San Diego

Why are vaccines that haven't been sufficiently studied or gone through full clinical trials being forced upon humanity? Suspicious? I think so.

November 1st, 2020


In preparation for the REAL news that is coming soon, here is a riddle.


The opposite of Up is _________ (1)___________.


The opposite of Hero is ________(2)___________.


The opposite of Truth is _______ (3)___________.



All (3)'s will be revealed and the (2)'s will be taken (1).


Remember the Nuremberg Trials? History will repeat itself until all lessons are learned and God's Love Reigns True on This Earth.


Trump will be victorious, and so will this Nation. We have set out to defeat the Cabal and bring JUSTICE to this world.


The opposite of Innocent is ______(1)_______.


The opposite of Assets is _______(2)________.


The opposite of Poverty is _______(3)_______.


The opposite of Slavery is _______(4)________.



The culprits that have committed heinous crimes against humanity for decades if not centuries, will be proven (1) in a public trial. All (2) will be forgiven and (3) will be our new reality, giving us (4) to rebuild our nation and our planet in alignment with God's divine plan for ascension.





-Your Leader From Heaven to Earth.

justice will be served

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