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Hello Seeker of God and Truth. We have been fooled. America is not the free nation we were taught to believe in. Much work is needed to uncover the lies and reveal the Truth that will set us free as a nation on our path toward sovereignty.  No matter how difficult the reality is to swallow, it is of utmost urgency that we opt for this Truth rather than the poison we have been brainwashed with for decades. The time is NOW for full disclosure of the real enemy of the people- the Deep State and their negative E.T. Draco allies. The battle between fear and love can only be won with the cold hard Truth. Our election was stolen, a pandemic was faked, a PCR test was faked, case numbers were faked... Lives were lost to suicide, drug over-dose and murder. We will not stand for this; every lie must be revealed and Truth must and will set us free. 


A Message From The God-Head On Masks and Human Rights Abuses.

Taken from, "Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump." Jerome Corsi. 

Listen to me read this portion of the book below. 

Join us in a Revolutionary Movement to Take back our Constitutional and Medical Freedoms!

ReOpen San Diego

Why are vaccines that haven't been sufficiently studied or gone through full clinical trials being forced upon humanity? Suspicious? I think so.

August 11, 2020.

How much abuse are we going to take? "Cover your mouth and nose and don't breathe, we care not for your health or well-being, we are Nazi's who took control of your government after World War II."


Do not be fooled. We need to be smarter than the enemy. This is WAR.


"Do not enter without a mask!!! You will be silenced!!!"


Mask on, mask off. Who is really the one behind the mask? Who really are the two faced criminals in this world?


COVID-19, the deadliest virus of the century. Really?


Lies. Lies. Lies. Cover-ups. Disgrace.


We will NOT stand for this. We will stand for true freedom, spiritual rights and divine justice.


Let my people go!


Don't worry, God has your back. Be brave and remember, never give up.

September 30, 2020.

From Higher Self Regarding Masks:

I will not submit myself to the faulty rules and orders of tyrant governors who have no heart to govern justly; I will listen only to the Divine Guidance of God Itself. 

Saint Jeanne D'Arc

November 1st, 2020


Hello, in preparation for the REAL news that is coming soon, here is a riddle.


The opposite of Up is _________ (1)___________.


The opposite of Hero is ________(2)___________.


The opposite of Truth is _______ (3)___________.



All (3)'s will be revealed and the (2)'s will be taken (1).


Remember the Nuremberg Trials? History will repeat itself until all lessons are learned and God's Love Reigns True on This Earth.


Trump will be victorious, and so will this Nation. We have set out to defeat the Cabal and bring JUSTICE to this world.


The opposite of Innocent is ______(1)_______.


The opposite of Assets is _______(2)________.


The opposite of Poverty is _______(3)_______.


The opposite of Slavery is _______(4)________.



The culprits that have committed heinous crimes against humanity for decades if not centuries, will be proven (1) in a public trial. All (2) will be forgiven and (3) will be our new reality, giving us (4) to rebuild our nation and our planet in alignment with God's divine plan for ascension.





-Your Leader From Heaven to Earth.

justice will be served

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