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The Delicate Love.

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

What strange force is love?

To tear one into two, to fuse two into one.

When unafraid, it may flourish, it may bring alive those long forgotten, awaken those long since asleep.

When fearful it hesitates, it retreats, ashamed.

What strange energy is love?

When free to roam it dances, it penetrates deep into souls,

But when trapped inside it becomes unstable, explodes.

I ask of this love inside me, to not sink like a stone tossed in a pond full of sorrow,

But to float peacefully on the surface of my being,

To hold on to every heartbeat,

For the day that it will awaken,

Souls long since asleep.

I think the ultimate goal in life is to realize how significant and beautiful the people, creatures, and things around you are in each moment. Cause you don't own them, you are just temporarily in their presence. You can't protect yourself from change, not from within yourself, not from the external world.

It's funny, that we search for stability in a universe that is constantly evolving and changing. Maybe stability is finding where you fit into the whole production. Imagine planet earth, flying through space, saying, "I'm feeling a bit uncertain here, I think something might hit me, ohp! Can I get a shield here?" And then, here we are, with our guns and bombs and chemicals, trying to create stable civilizations.

Life is delicate and vulnerable. And we step on it, we squish it, we abuse it, we accuse it, we blame it, we shame it. For what reasons? We are the equivalent of the ant we step on, floating through outer space, in one solar system, on the edge of one galaxy, in one universe. Who do we think we are?

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