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Born Empowered

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

I came into this world

With a body,

a mind,

a heart,

a soul.

I was born in this body. I have no choice in the matter.

Perhaps I am in the wrong body,

I am a girl but I feel like a boy.

Perhaps I am disabled,

Perhaps I am diseased,

Perhaps I am tall,

Perhaps I am short.

I was born in this body.

I am fed what is put in my grocery stores,

I am fed what is put in my lunch bag,

I am fed what is put on my plate.

I was born with this beautiful mind.

Yet I will grow up with an attitude,

Reflecting the programming I received starting when I was born.

I am fed societal concepts of right and wrong,

Of beautiful and ugly,

Of intelligent and stupid.

I am programmed,

I am produced to be how they want me to be.

In my thoughts, words and actions

I will unknowingly judge, offend and hurt

A countless number of people.

I will grow up with my reality

Being the only truth I know.

I was born with this loving heart,

Yet I will learn hatred,

I will learn blame, fear, guilt, shame, and sadness.

I was born with this pristine soul,

Yet I will witness inequality and injustice.

I will see wars, murder, suicide and immeasurable suffering.

But I was born to change the world!

I have the power to erase the erroneous truths I was programmed to believe.

I have the power to love, accept and nurture the image I see in the mirror.

I have the right to heal myself with any means possible.

I was born with a loving heart.

I have the power to rise above the hatred instilled in me

From any external input or historical events.

I was born with a pristine soul.

This is my journey,

These are my lessons to learn,

My mistakes to make,

My scars to heal,

My steps to take,

My path to pave.

No one but me dictates who I am,

What I feel,

Who I love,

How I live.

I choose not to be ignorant,

I chose not to be programmed

Based on the programming of those who came before me.

I am an individual.

I will not let my differences isolate me from my human brothers and sisters

Solely because I feel misunderstood.

I will foster a world

Where misunderstanding and hatred

Are replaced with constructive communication

And common humanity.

I see a world of beautiful minds, bodies, hearts, and souls.

They may not look like me

But they feel like me,

They love like me.

I was not born to let the past dictate the future;

I was born to change the lens

Through which we look at each other

Though which we look at the world,

Because this prescription expired

Hundreds of years ago.

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