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Here On Planet Earth

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Here on planet earth,

For real truth we have a thirst.

This is a school, you make the rules,

You say boys don’t equal girls.

Harder lessons often hurt,

But that’s the ego getting served.

Call it a test, or a pop quiz,

But this ain’t no ancient biz.

You are temporarily in a body,

But it’s a temple, not a potty.

So don’t treat it like a trash,

And please don’t waste your extra cash,

Cause there are people without food,

All this abundance gets mis-used.

All of your actions have consequences,

You’re just digging your own trenches.

But don’t you know you are the enemy,

All your lies they ain’t no remedy.

This is a test, just do your best.

But try not to cheat,

Cause each one of us is unique.

So even if you have an answer,

Can’t you see you’re just one dancer,

In this production in this show,

You know we’re just here to grow.

So don’t be scared to know,

That you can just go with the flow.

It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white French or Asian,

Man your judgments are just raging!

You’re the hunter and the bait,

In control of your own fate.

For immediate satisfaction

Think twice before reaction.

Judge yourself before judging others,

Cause they’re your sisters and your brothers.

Don’t take anything too serious,

All your fears got you delirious.

We flood the highways with cars,

But look up at the stars,

They got civilizations on mars.

Man we’re living in the Dark Age,

We are slaves to minimum wage.

What is this despairing,

Over debts that we’re bearing.

This is monopoly for souls,

And we’re still burning toxic coals.

Don’t be surprised if you lose,

Cause for centuries we’ve been abused.

We’re all power hungry fools,

Fill our bellies with diamonds and pearls.

When the real jewels lie within,

Do you still call love a sin?

These precious lives these precious lives,

Don’t you know you’re next in line?

To fall down, to be the victim,

Don’t you sense this broken rhythm?

Look around cause we’re all mirrors

Still nothing’s getting clearer.

Take a stand to be your self,

With a prayer you’ll have some help, From the Most High, Adonai,

He’s the fire in your eyes,

He’s the breath in your lungs,

He’s the note in your songs,

So sing along, with the Father

Precious mothers, brothers,

Sons and daughters.

Be your best, every day,

Don’t let yourself get led astray,

By the lies, fear, and shame,

From everyone that says the same.

Be the light of tomorrow,

And throw away all of your sorrow.

Feel the fire in your eyes,

That is God’s greatest disguise.

Get your costume and your makeup,

With the past we’re gonna break up.

Take the stage, turn the page,

This is life in the New Age.

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