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The 21st Century Fall of Man

Our City Officials have lost all respect and compassion for the citizens of San Diego County. They have become cold, heartless and abusive to our freedom deserving Americans. The heart of our country is wounded; the mind of our society laden with a suffocating disease of fear in our everyday lives. In fearing sickness we have developed a disgusting new habit that bares no scientific validity. In seeking health we have become wholly unhealthy as a society.

While an unimaginable number of viruses and very serious chronic health conditions exist in the human population, one of seven infectious coronavirus strains has taken precedence in our lives. COVID-19, a virus with a less than 1% mortality rate and 85% or higher asymptomatic presentation has somehow acquired the power to constrain our very lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness.

I am no longer acceptable in society unless I cover my beautiful face with a cloth that carries no purpose other than to settle the minds of my fellow human sisters and brothers. Have we the beautiful become despicable to the tyrants that be? How easily manipulated are we into doing things that actually pose a hazard to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being?

Smiling is now frowned upon and outlawed in public places; normal human action and interaction have been replaced with ludicrous, outdated and criminal "emergency lockdown orders"! Tyranny is one man rule, and it is clear that our Governor is "ruling" without heart and without conscience or care for the citizens of this state. What Governor Newsom is doing is an outright disgrace to our human rights. We must begin to speak openly about the civil rights violations and human rights abuses we are enduring day in and day out in a nation founded upon freedom and justice. Thank you.

In Sovereignty, Shira Notes

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