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Going Boldly Down the Rabbit Hole: The Story of My Past Life Awakening, Part Two.

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Why Past Lives?

Many people never meet their own souls in their human lives. They remain on the surface of day-to-day tasks, surviving superficially through gossip, television and physical indulgences. Those of us who are aware that there is a soul within us that is eternal and goes from one life to the next in order to grow and heal, are the few among the many. Though Jesus came to Earth to remind God's children that we are eternal beings who are always granted second, third and fourth chances at getting it right, many religions still question or deny the reality of reincarnation. Most souls forget that they were born before; meaning they have had many other human or other-being incarnations. The expression, "born again," lost much of its true meaning during the Age of Pisces. Luckily, Paramahansa Yogananda, a 20th century Spiritual Teacher who worked closely with Jesus using yoga and meditation, came to reveal the hidden meanings in the scriptures just in time for Ascension. Those identifying Christians on a spiritual path must know that to be, "born again," does not just refer to accepting Jesus as a Lord and Savior, but rather on a deeper level, to committing to achieving the Christ Status through sequential incarnations dedicated to soul growth.

It is explained in, “The Yoga of Jesus," by Paramahansa Yogananda, that the original meanings of many of Jesus's divine and perfect words were misconstrued to fit religious agendas rather than spiritual truths. As it is written in John 3:3, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." Yogananda explains this riddle as follows, "This choice of words by Jesus is an allusion to his familiarity with the Eastern spiritual doctrine of reincarnation… The ordinary person, constantly creating new karmic bondage by his wrong actions and material desires, adding to the accumulated effects of numerous previous incarnations, cannot free his soul in one lifetime. It takes many lifetimes of physical, mental and spiritual evolution to work out all karmic entanglements that block soul intuition, the pure knowing without which one cannot ‘see the Kingdom of God’(1)." Ultimately, it becomes common knowledge to the advancing soul that he/she has been to Earth before. But just how many lifetimes does it take to go from one level of consciousness to the next?

According to the Law of One brought forth by Ra, a sixth density soul group that had prior incarnations as the ancient Egyptian "gods" and builders of the Great Pyramid, there is allotted 75,920 Earth years for souls to complete their graduation and ascension from third to fourth density(2). Density refers to the level of consciousness experienced by a developing soul. In the Law of One, it is explained that there are seven densities or levels of attainment that a soul moves through on its path to becoming one with God. The seven densities are akin to the seven notes on a piano scale. According to the Law of One teachings, there are infinite levels of growth in God after one graduates from 7th density.

It is common to have heard the term "dimension," since at least the 1960's when the band The Fifth Dimension became popular; but the term density may still be quite foreign to the awakening soul. Many people on the spiritual awakening path have referred to the fifth dimension as the level we are currently working towards; however, this is not correct and continues to cause confusion. Author Michael Newton, PH.D., goes more in depth on the concept of densities and soul evolution in his book, “Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives.” He states, “As souls, the density, color and form of light we radiate is proportional to the power of our knowledge and perception as represented by increasing concentrations of light matter as we develop(3)." In other words, density refers to the amount of wisdom or light that has been achieved by the soul; the more we grow in God’s love and light, the wiser we become.

Ra speaks of the 75,000 year period as the Master Cycle, which is further broken down into three 25,000 year cycles(2). If a soul incarnates on Earth once per century, than it can have at least 750 physical expressions in third density during one Master Cycle. However, it is not mandatory for a soul to incarnate this often. If a soul is still not ready to advance after this Master cycle is complete on Earth, it has the option of going to another third density planet for further growth in self-awareness. It can take this long simply because we come to Earth and forget the greater goal of our existence: ascension to higher levels in God. We are truly asleep to the reasons for our suffering until we awaken to our higher spiritual destiny-- feeling as helpless human beings until something snaps and breaks, forcing us to look deeper into ourselves. It is much like an ant exploring the outside of a great sphere not knowing that there is a bigger reality within-- further dimensions that have yet to be discovered.

Being spiritually asleep may be fine for a while, but once a planet has reached its 75,000 year mark, there will be a series of tests geared to help souls decide whether they are ready to graduate to the next level. We find ourselves right now in a dire global situation, where the entire human race is under attack with a vicious medical bioweapon aimed at mass extinction and a new Artificial Intelligence generation of mindless slaves. The devil is so sly that it has convinced the majority of the human population that there is a biological threat to their existence; when in reality it is psychological warfare or disinformation that is turning the wheel of fear, in turn causing mass compliance with un-orthodox practices of masking, testing and vaccinating. This whole scheme is a devious plot to distract us from our spiritual growth and path of ascension toward fourth density. Instead of growing in our God Selves and transcending human suffering, the devil's puppets have slyly offered an alternative path of becoming one with technology under the guise of a fake anti-viral vaccine; their ultimate plan being to give humans a digital identity to be tracked and influenced by a 5G cloud network. So, while the devil plays its Artificial Intelligence card, God is playing its Spiritual Intelligence card by offering all those who are ready and willing the path of divine awakening.

Once awake to the truth of one's inevitable spiritual evolution, (the eternal upward spiral of God Intelligence), there is no turning back to one's old illusions of being only "human." The newly awakened soul finds itself with endless pressing questions on our true purpose in this world, with many layers of doubt and disbelief to sift through. A firm commitment to becoming one with the Higher Self or God Self replaces man's mere human desire to climb the material corporate ladder of financial gain. Instead of wanting to achieve the highest grades in one's class just to feed the ego, one focuses more on passing the spiritual exams that are required to graduate to the next level of attainment. Given the right perspective, even hitting rock bottom gives one the chance to finally discover his or her true purpose on Earth.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

When you go through a spiritual awakening there will be turmoil; your whole world will be turned upside-down, and those not yet awake to a higher truth may naively label you as "delusional," or "insane." This is normal and to be expected. As you transform, your human laws will be discarded for the higher spiritual laws that state that we are all equal in value and potential, with the greater goal of evolving ever closer to the all knowing, all loving God Self within. The whole purpose of your life is to know yourself through knowing God; and in turn to know God through knowing yourself. Since the depths of the soul know and understand all things, when we reach inward we begin to understand where wisdom dwells. Many will go through life being afraid to look in the mirror; afraid to appear before the Divine judge that is the Heart of God. But when you are not willing to look at yourself, to see yourself from different angles, to examine your soul, your beliefs and your judgments-- when you are not willing to dig beneath your own suffering to unearth your true value, the world remains stagnant from generation to generation, frozen in hatred and pain, misunderstanding and blame.

I often forget that humanity evolves painstakingly slow. From one life to the next there is some change, yet some stagnancy. There is joy and there is sorrow. There are some who fall and never stand back up and others who break yet rise above. Life is about seeing where we are being held back in our personal and collective evolution, as the former is needed for the latter to be achieved. For myself, I often forget that most of what I am exists on a higher dimension. The you in your body is only a small portion of your soul energy, manifest in this specific time, space and universe right now to experience life to the fullest. The most important thing to realize is that God does not intend for you to be stuck in the lower dimensions of existence for all of eternity as this would quite literally translate to an eternal hell on Earth. We may be suffering deeply right now, but we must remember that peace is our destiny.

The lower vibrations of fear, hatred, pain, blame, doubt and shame are human lower self conditions which require transcendence through the Heart of God. The hard truth is that it takes a lot of self-reflection, self-realization and self-healing in order to reach the core of our being which is the God Self; or otherwise called Divine Mother/Divine Father or Higher Self. Once we reach an understanding of Divine Love and Truth, we work to apply the principles of this higher love toward overcoming our lower self patterns of suffering. Thus, understanding the dichotomy between light and dark and the dynamic of the two becomes a prominent focal point for spiritual growth.

Degrees don't just come from universities on Earth; rather they come from the cumulative experiences and growth that a soul achieves on this and all other worlds. We are eternal beings on one eternal mission: evolution toward the God Self, or Perfected Being. To be perfect means to think and act in alignment with God's Divine Love and Truth at all times. It takes more than one lifetime of devout spiritual study to reach the level of Master or Christ, at which point the soul has great responsibility to serve God's children from the higher planes of existence and any further physical expressions. The achievement of a Christ Degree comes through development and mastery of the seven chakras of the energy body and of the Higher Mind/Higher Self; in effect achieving mastery over the lower human self and over the physical realm. As the soul evolves through the seven densities, the spiritual gifts in the seven chakras are unlocked and utilized.

Understanding your soul’s unique purpose is extremely important to living a productive and fulfilling life. Living in alignment with one's personal truth and intended expression on Earth is crucial to returning home to the spirit realm satisfied with one's work. Is this ever an easy endeavor? Absolutely not. Humanity is laden with errors in lower self thinking which cause wrong self-judgment and endless pain. Our fear of this judgment often stops us from being true to ourselves, and on the higher level, our souls. Many of us will be mistreated and abused by society for being true to our soul's mission, as was my former incarnation as Joan of Arc. It requires a firm commitment to one's soul growth and a deeply grounded security in the God Self, to overcome the initial and sometimes ongoing slaughter of the bold love we are here to display. In God's Kingdom we hold tightly to our Truth, or our love for God and all others; as without this firmly established connection we cannot survive on Earth.

As I embarked on my past-life healing journey, I came to understand that my main soul wound is being dismissed, ridiculed and rejected for what I represent in God's Divine Love. As a Soldier of the Most High God, I have not had easy incarnations here on planet Earth. I have come to this planet in the past to set the stage for great change on the levels of human equality, openness and the understanding of Divine Truth. It is never easy being perceived as different in this world; however we must remind ourselves that as we evolve in God, our ability to see one another as equals grows. Our present level of consciousness, which is still very much the third density mindset of division, is very focused on dissecting, labeling and attacking the diverse ways in which God's Love expresses itself through the physical. All love is created equal, which in turn means that all feelings are valid and true. No one can be wrongly accused for loving, nor can anyone be wrongly accused for hurting. As love and pain are opposite sides of the same sentient experience, we are here to understand why we experience more pain than love.

Knowing about any outstanding past lives, regardless of fame, can help you to achieve a more comprehensive soul-level understanding of why you have certain patterns or pains in this lifetime that are difficult to heal. It is common to hear the expression, "You only live once!" However, this is not true at all for the average soul. What is an important takeaway from this attitude is that you are only here right now as the specific and unique energy that you chose to embody in this particular life expression. We are to take seriously each incarnation as we are all precious and valued spirit/heart/soul/mind fragments of God, and desire only to live in the love of our One Creator. We must learn the controls to operate this ship we are sailing; a task that takes many lifetimes, many failures, and a lot of faith. We are not here to let the world control us nor to let others thoughts, opinions or actions control us. But we are here to learn the controls of the mind, learn the power of the heart, and see the truth of our souls. Life itself is a miracle; though fated with struggle, we always end up more able to see and feel God's Truth at the end of each life.

Preparing Your Soul for Ascension

We are now in the midst of a huge evolutionary event for our species as we approach the end of the 75,000 year master cycle for third density. Planet Earth is about to receive a spiritual booster shot, or an expansion of consciousness; a much needed contrast from the highly toxic and deadly injections being pushed by the Devil’s pawn- the mainstream media. As the high vibrational fourth density energies increase in our solar system, we are being asked to raise our personal vibrations created through our thinking, to match these frequencies. Throughout this century and beyond, we will be ascending collectively to the next stage of our evolution: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In order to prepare, there are two things that are necessary to do right now. One is to seek your soul, or your individual God fragment which contains the memories from all past lives which might be significant for your current growth, and two is to begin a strict practice of meditation and prayer, to quiet the mind and connect to your Higher Self/Higher Mind, and to the Angel Kingdom and Ascended Masters who are capable of assisting us in preparing for this evolutionary shift.

The world is not ending, but we are building a whole new world: one of spiritually enlightened individuals who vibrate at a higher level of love; embodying compassion, acceptance and empathy. As we are one consciousness, all of our thoughts affect one another. We must begin to become aware of the thoughts we form toward others and ourselves, keeping any negative intentions in check. This is not easy and requires God's assistance in every moment using prayer and affirmation. The time and space in our physical reality helps us to heal wounds of the heart and soul through applied knowledge and understanding of God and mastery of the tenets of Divine Love. My New Earth Healing Program will delve deeper into these principles.

We must let go of the pain we suffer individually and collectively by learning to express God’s Divine Love toward ourselves and others. Without the understanding of God’s Divine Love, we cannot overcome this pain. There is nothing to be afraid of, though the unknown variables in this evolutionary shift leave for some anxiety. We must turn to one another for help and support as we strive to let go of our selfish attitudes and ego-driven goals, and instead commit to healing ourselves and others. Healing involves changes on all levels of being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It involves reaching new heights of awareness of the ultimate Truth of our One Creator.

It is time now to work hard to heal to the best of our abilities from centuries of abuse and lies. Become that which you don’t think you can be. Become a light, a source of truth, love and positive energy for others. Together we will move towards a greater understanding of who we are, where we came from and where we are headed, on our exhilarating journey toward knowing God.

The following chart is taken from Section One | Divine Cosmos []

1ST DENSITY: The cycle of awareness


3RD DENSITY: Self-awareness

4TH DENSITY: Love or understanding [Law of Love]

5TH DENSITY: Light or wisdom [Law of Light]

RA: We spent much time/space in 5th density balancing the intense compassion we had gained in 4th density. (B2, S41, 93)

6TH DENSITY: Light/love, love/light or unity [Law of One]

(also frequently referred to as compassionate wisdom)

7TH DENSITY: The gateway cycle [Law of Foreverness]

also frequently referred to as that density where one perceives the sacramental nature of all things)

RA: At the 7th level or dimension, we shall. if our humble efforts are sufficient, become one with all, thus having no memory, no identity, no past or future, but existing in the all. (B1, S16, 153)

8TH DENSITY: The octave, which moves into a mystery we do not plumb. (B1, S16, 153)

QUESTION: Does this mean that in the 8th density you would have awareness of all that is?

RA: This is partially correct. It is our understanding that it would not be our awareness, but the awareness of the Creator. In the Creator is all there is. (B1, S16, 153)


1. Paramahansa Yogananda, The Yoga of Jesus. (Los Angeles, CA: Self Realization Fellowship, 2007), p46.

2. Elkins, Rueckert, McCarty, The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, Volume 1 (Louisville, Kentucky: L/L Research, 2018), p487.

3. Michael Newton, Ph.D. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives. (Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1994), pg. 102

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