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Planet Earth- What Will It Be- Slavery or Freedom?

It's March 2021 in the United States of America and the page of tyranny and corruption has yet to turn; what are we waiting for? Are we not yet awake to the cold hard reality of the last 60 plus years of abuse and crimes against humanity? When will we decide that enough is enough? Over a year ago the mainstream media began to spin a narrative of lies upon the innocent souls of this country. As usual we have swallowed the lies without question, allowing our lower self fears and anxieties to run and ruin our lives. This is a war; but it is not a nuclear war or a viral war; it is an information war and a medical freedom war. We are in a battle between light and dark, true and false, hope and despair; but above all we are caught between slavery and freedom.

Our lives have been robbed of freedom. We are no longer allowed to breathe or smile openly in public places whether outdoor or indoor for fear of a contagion that has been elucidated to be Influenza itself. We have been held hostage in our homes and cities, told we cannot gather in public places for purposes of worship, working, learning or eating. The doors to a healthy and happy society have being closed permanently. The dangerous powers that be have rejected God on this planet for too long are running our lives. Our churches and temples have turned from God to follow unconstitutional, unlawful, tyrannical orders that are not in alignment with love or truth.

The never to be isolated again, laboratory contrived and very questionable supposed seventh strain of the coronavirus is a wake up call to planet Earth at large. Something as deadly as a mosquito bite has put us face to face with our deepest fears- sickness and death. We must realize that we have become cold, faceless creatures with no heart for a loving conversation, nor a kind remark, smile, or affectionate gesture. Has the inane collective decision to submit to the satanic practice of mask wearing completely annihilated our humanity, or is there someone still alive behind the mask, with a beating heart and a questioning mind?

When I see beautiful healthy human beings covering their faces due to a mentally ill governor's sick control tactics I feel outraged! This is not how God meant for us to live and this is not a health practice, period. Masks will not heal us, they will enslave us, period. Masks are a lie, the pandemic is a lie, period. We are not sick!!! Even if we are one year into a global viral "outbreak," we now have herd immunity. If you are testing positive it is either because the test itself is fraudulent or you have an acquired anti-body immunity. We know that 85% or more of this virus and other flu viruses are asymptomatic and non-transmissible, period. There is no question of these above truths whatsoever. The only question is, how are we going to stand up for freedom? How are we going to wake up millions of sleeping souls to the difficult truths our nation and our world face today? How do we plan to break free of the irrational fear of seeing the bare faces of our human brothers and sisters?

The biggest mistake we make is to conclude that the threat to our existence is external, it is not. Our unhealed fear, anxiety and insecurity is the biggest threat to our survival as a species. Fear is now controlling our very ability to live and breathe fully; if we intend to survive this fear must now be addressed fully. Even if a big scary boogie man is in fact bullying our society, it is up to us as individuals to stand up and stand tall to put this bully in it's right place. We have become a dulled down and submissive society, governed by unconstitutional orders and tyrannical guidelines that go against the very fabric of the founding of our nation. Whether you want to admit to it or not, we are in an abusive relationship with Gavin Newsom and all other tyrannical governors across the country. We have willingly given up our freedoms and willingly followed abusive orders. We continue to willingly take abuse that is not justified in any way, shape or form.

Why have Big Tech, Big Media and Big Pharma taken control of the health and well-being of the American people? Why are doctors being told they cannot prescribe decades old, studied and effective viral medications? Why do healers who have CURES for cancer and other debilitating illnesses continually have their laboratories ransacked and end up being killed? In this dichotomy of light and dark it is perhaps necessary to seek the answers in the hidden shadows of life; for where else but this collective shadow would the dirty secrets of mankind be held? No matter how hard it is to understand and swallow, there is a murderous agenda in play aimed at curbing the population at large on our planet. But why?

In this time of great spiritual awakening we find ourselves in a daily struggle: what is the truth? Who is good and who is evil? Why must there be evil? How can there possibly be evil? We are not faced with evil so we can endlessly suffer and be told we are victims; rather we are faced with evil so we can dig under the surface of our thoughts, feelings and actions, to uncover and heal our common human pain, fear and insecurity. The only way out is to stand up for our God-Given and Constitutional Rights to Breathe, Worship, Learn, Play and live our lives as we see fit. What is needed now is not more reactive fear and complacent following; what is needed now is a breakdown of the human psyche; a shattering of the walls of fear and a breaking open of the heart of man. For only in the heart lies the power of Love and Truth capable of saving us all.

It is all too easy to go day in and day out allowing an unqualified and dangerous dictator tell us what we should think, how we should feel, what we are to believe and how we are to behave. It is all too easy to be slaves on this planet. Beneath the seemingly okay covered faces everywhere you go lies the half dead man: dead to truth and numb to love. Where are we headed planet Earth? Into the fires of destruction or into the light of redemption? To those whose eyes and ears are opened to God, it is clear that our planet is now splitting into two waring factions: those souls who align their thoughts and actions with love and freedom, and those who instead align with fear and slavery. For we are now in a great test of our conscience, being asked to judge the world around us not with our minds but with our hearts. For what but love could be the true judge of human error?

Who is willing to go against the grain in what could be a long uphill battle, and not settle for anything less than true justice? Who is willing to risk their lives in the most important battle for planet Earth in recent millennia? Each day the line between truth and lies becomes more blurred as our minds reach further for sanity; even if for just one moment of clarity. Was the coronavirus real? Are people really dying in the tens of thousands from what is starting to look like nothing but influenza itself? And if so, what does that say about our healthcare system? Was it made for the people by the people, to keep us safe, to help us achieve real lasting immunity using our bodies natural defenses? Or are we being asked to inoculate our healthy tissues and organs with what could be a deadly and unstudied biological material? Are we being given a suicide pill; medicine which if taken frequently enough under the right environmental conditions can lead to our sudden death?

We must ask ourselves what we value here on planet Earth; honesty or criminality? Love or abuse? Life or death? We cannot choose the easy road any longer, we must pave the narrow path of bravery and truth on the road to freedom. The most powerful tool we have is the power of thought; the power to question authority and correct our elders when they are wrong. If not us then who? If not now then when? What is the ultimate cost of freedom? How many dead from the aftermath of a fake pandemic? How many are still dying at the hands of nurses and doctors who choose murder over righteousness? God is now giving us a second chance to reveal our wrongdoings, to come clean as criminals, and liars. But who is brave enough to admit that beneath the light of day lies the darkness of corruption?

We are one nation under God, not under Satan, and it is about time we start to understand what that really means and act accordingly. God is always giving us a second chance; no matter how far down we go into lies and darkness, God always offers us the safest way to freedom. Freedom is always within our reach; it is only a thought away.

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