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Awaiting the Moment of Truth That Will Change the World Forever: PART 3

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

With the help of the Nazi and Draco forces, the Vril Society managed to land men on the moon in August of 1942, according to one claim, and travel to the Aldebaran star system with their tachyon-drive Andromeda Devices not too much later. Thus according to factual evidence and testimony in Michael Salla's book, "Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances," the Nazi's forcibly made their way into positions of power in the United States Government and American society at large, after having already achieved great feats in technological advancement and space travel. Was the United States powerless in the face of this advanced scientific superiority, or did they concede with hopes that they too could advance and colonize outer-space? Either way, we are now faced with many questions, the most pressing being, "How do we accept that very advanced technologies which hold great promise to completely transform our current world paradigm, have been kept secret for almost an entire century; technologies that can save lives, rebuild our infrastructures and take us to the stars?"

Science-Fiction or Science-Fact?

Have we been totally in the dark regarding E.T. civilizations and anti-gravity or did we have some clues that these advanced beings and technologies were in fact real? Aside from UFO connoisseurs and shows like "Ancient Aliens," how many of us have lived our lives with the knowledge of an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth and beyond? Has advancement been a far off dream for the majority of humankind, while government run secret space programs achieved faster than light speed? Or, were Hollywood Sci-Fi movies perhaps trying to tell us the truth in a deceiving way? Let's examine for a moment the definition of science-fiction.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • noun. A literary or cinematic genre in which fantasy, typically based on speculative scientific discoveries or developments, environmental changes, space travel, or life on other planets, forms part of the plot or background.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • noun. A genre of fiction in which scientific and technological issues feature prominently, especially including scenarios in which speculative but unproven scientific advances are accepted as fact, and usually set at some time in the future, or in some distant region of the universe (27) .

Here, the dictionary, a trusted source for truth, claims that Science-Fiction is Science that has not yet been validated or proven to exist. How then can it be called science? Is the term Science Fiction not an oxymoron? Let's take a look at the definitions of science and fiction separately from the Merriam Webster Dictionary online:

· Definition of Science: knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method

· Definition of Fiction: something invented by the imagination or feigned specifically : an invented story (28).

As is evident here, the word science refers to knowledge and truth that has been tested and proven to be accurate; therefore how can anyone claim that knowledge and truth are simply imagined? Was the term "Science Fiction," in fact made up in order to fool us as a society? Stating that something is Science-Fiction is comparable to putting a label on a medication that states, "While this medicine has not yet been scientifically proven effective for human consumption, if we use our imaginations it just might work." It is my argument then that science is not and never will be "fiction."

So, now that we cleared that up, let's see a list of the top "SCI-FI" movies of the new millennium:

All of these movies are categorized under "Science Fiction," but why? Is it simply because the makers of these movies are not brave enough to tell us that these technologies and phenomenon's actually exist? One of the movies on this list that I have personally seen is, "The Martian," starring Matt Damon. In this movie, Mars is portrayed as a non-colonized planet where Matt Damon becomes stranded and has to come up with novel ways to farm food to stay alive. Watching this movie I became angry simply because this is not the truth; we have insider testimony that Mars was colonized in the 20th century. So perhaps the Hollywood executives are combining truth in the way of real science and capability for bringing humans to other planets in our solar system and beyond, with non-truth, making it appear that Mars currently has no life on it. In a world of classified information and deceptive fantasy, how on Earth are we to determine the actual reality of our universe?

Can we conclude that NASA's Mars Rovers were just for show and merely existed as a cover for a whole host of other inter-planetary and interstellar activity? In, "Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances," Michael Salla discusses insider reports of slave labor on Mars. We are told of a corporate space program know as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate or ICC, which is involved in numerous criminal operations throughout the Solar System, "Corey Goode has disclosed that the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate's (ICC) secret bases on the Earth, Moon, Mars and elsewhere, use slave labor-- a key ideological principle adopted from the Nazi SS" (29). We have heard about human trafficking and child labor on Earth, but we now know that the crimes against humanity reach far beyond this planet. Clearly we are being kept in the dark as a society and a human race; not only are NASA scientists working at an elementary level, but our world as a whole is being held back from graduating to a higher level of knowledge, attainment, exploration and possibility.

Through Hollywood's classification of futuristic type movies involving extraterrestrials and interstellar space travel, as "Sci-Fi," we have been purposely fooled as a society into thinking that futuristic technologies were not yet discovered, mastered or available to us for commercial use. This is simply not true, so don't we deserve an apology and some kind of reward for the unnecessary hardship we have suffered as a human family not having access to these technologies for the last 70 years, while criminals and privileged peoples have kept us slaves to oil, pollution, sickness and naïve science?

Due to the drastic and deadly actions that were taken against those who attempted to reveal the truth about anti-gravity and other-worldly beings, including John F. Kennedy, it is understandable that many have not felt comfortable coming forward with these truths because of the risk it poses to their very lives and securities. Many have been lost along the road to freedom, and still others continue to be abused, imprisoned and killed for being a voice of love, reason and truth. Now that over 70 years have passed since the highly classified study of advanced technologies and alien races began, it is due time to receive, assimilate and accept this previously top-secret knowledge. Thanks to brave whistleblowers like Corey Goode, Stein/Kewper, Bob Lazar, William Thompkins, Pete Peterson and others, we now have access to knowledge that holds the ability to change life as we know it; impacting our healthcare and transportation industries, and our scientific and religious communities alike.

In, Above Majestic, we are told at the end of the movie that upon his inauguration, Donald Trump signed orders to declassify anti-aging and free energy technologies and bring them into the commercial realm. This is great news, and would mean the end, once and for all, of slow and costly airline travel and gasoline operated vehicles of any kind, and of course electric bills. Certainly this is cause to celebrate, but if we are really going to bring this reality to fruition we must be able to accept the true history of our planet and demand change and justice on a grassroots and global level.

Believing the Truth and Seeing Through the Lies

How do we swallow the truth when all we have been fed for decades are lies? When one finds out that he/she has been lied to, it usually follows that trust is broken and must somehow be regained. With the knowledge that lies, censorship and propaganda have been used to manipulate our thoughts and feelings on a global level, it is now up to us as responsible citizens to discern truth from non-truth in the things we read, hear and see. In a world of manipulation where lying has become a legal trade, truth telling must now be a heroic act.

Fear invokes fear, and lies will continue to cloud the truth unless we decide to take responsibility for our individual and collective human and divine right to freedom and growth. Moving forward, we must stop to pause and reflect on what is really going on under the surface of worldly events before we blindly swallow what may be erroneous and false information. It is now clear that if one is not astute enough to see beyond the walls of deceit in the vile agenda of the mainstream media, one quickly falls victim to a false narrative.

We have the choice on a daily basis to decide what information we put into our minds; just like making the decision to eat healthy and nutritious meals instead of junk food, we must decide if we want to continually feed ourselves news that makes us sick and bring us into a state of worry, anxiety and fear. We can no longer remain the victims of a sly and criminal mainstream media and expect to successfully take the reigns of our future here on Earth. Importantly, we must not allow ourselves to be wrongly swayed toward negative thinking and feeling when our very success depends fully on our individual and collective mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Therefore, we can no longer merely sit back and listen to or watch the news, we must investigate everything we hear and read to determine if it is based in truth or lies.

We must not value news reporters and networks that are set on feeding us fear and propaganda. We have the power to say ,"No!," to these media outlets and stop listening to nonsense that no longer serves our collective purpose for growth, healing and evolution as God's divine creations. It is up to us on a daily basis to stay on top of our game and to walk with the knowledge and power that God has endowed us with; the power to ascertain the truth in any given situation no matter how clouded it is by lies. For truth is to be measured against the moral compass of the heart and not the unreliable meter of the mind, which is constantly fluctuating in response to internal and external factors. The heart must remain strong and loyal in the light and love of God, never veering from that which is not in true moral standing.

How do we know for sure who stands on the side of Divine Justice, freedom and equality for all souls? With a pivotal Presidential election coming up in the United States of America, it is obvious that the surface battle is between "Democrats" and "Republicans," however we now know that the true battle is between Light and Dark or Good and Evil. I can say with 100% certainty that extra care is being taken to propagate lies through misinformation and censorship campaigns. We are continuing to see truths in the form of people's user accounts and factual evidence about the harmful effects of mask use by the general public, being censored and deleted from social media networks. Meanwhile there is ample experiential and scientific evidence of the harmful effects of mask use on the respiratory and immune systems, as well as their detriment to the mental, emotional, spiritual and social health of society.

How can we understand the motives of this dark and evil force on Earth? Why does it continue to keep the truth from us at all costs? A truth that penetrates the very fabric of our being and our collective desires to evolve into a healthier, happier, and more prosperous and loving society? This dark force does not want us to evolve in the Love of our One Creator; rather it wants us to remain in darkness, fear, sickness and separation, so much so that social distancing is now the norm in the 21st century. But luckily we have the ammunition to fight back: the love of our One Creator, a love that burns as a fire in the hearts and souls of the American people and the human family at large; a true love standing for freedom, justice, equality, health and happiness. Therefore we must look inward to the Divine Love in our hearts to judge whether our leaders are working for the Light Force or the Dark Force.

Paving the Path to Freedom

The evil Cabal/Deep State/Illuminati and shadow governments which have been at play for what might well be thousands of years, have kept us in a constant battle to achieve true freedom, equality and justice for the human family on Earth. Because of the intolerance to what is God's chosen diversity in Creation, anything causing a human being to be perceived as different has been great cause for discrimination, abuse and murder. In the United States and across the globe brave men and women have stood up to fight for the equal treatment and universal acceptance of African-Americans, women, refugees, average working class citizens, non-heterosexuals and transgender souls. The only thing capable of uniting us and preparing us for what comes next is God's Divine Love and Truth. Understanding God's Divine Love and aligning with it will be the most important undertaking of the century. God's plan for the Ascension of Planet Earth to the next level of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual evolution, also known as fourth and fifth dimension or density, will keep us on track in focusing on our individual and collective healing.

Undoubtedly we find ourselves on the brink of a revolution similar in spirit to the American Revolution, but with a far greater purpose of global unity, freedom and healing. It is not just Americans that have been harmed and fooled by corrupt and tyrannical leaders seeking global control and financial power. As a still largely divided human family we will have to search for our common truth in order to heal on a collective level: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Certainly it will take time and willful effort to shift our thinking and beliefs to align with the philosophy of universal love and acceptance of all beings, while we simultaneously transition into a new "futuristic" yet scientifically authentic world-view, that has been hidden from us for the past century.

There remains a heavy load of work to do to heal the human condition: healing our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and physical illnesses, and ultimately raising the collective soul consciousness here on Earth. There is a reason for every thought, every emotion and every struggle. There is a lot of fear, pain and hardness to break through to get to the love inside. But there is also a burning desire to know the truth of who and what we are, and who and what God is.

It is time now to reach out and to reach inward, to search within our souls and within all available resources for the One Creator who possesses the One True Love, and manifest this One Love on a global scale. We are here to become One Consciousness, like connecting individual wi-fi hubs to One Universal Internet, we are working to connect our local minds to the mind of our One Creator. We are here to tap into the divine, which we all have access to. We are here to harmonize our thoughts and actions to be in alignment with love, unity and truth.

If we do not break down the walls of evil, we will never see what is going on behind them. This is a war: the darkness against the Light and Love of God. We will need to wake up as a society if we plan to move forward collectively; uprooting all lies and falsehoods, we must pave the path of truth on the road to freedom and never veer from this path. Though it is a long road for this country and for the world, we must be steadfast and set our gaze on the world we wish to live in: a world that harbors not hatred nor discrimination, nor death by guns or pills, viruses, cancers or bombs. In the future world there is only love, compassion and understanding. We are capable of limitless creation, and as we live and breath through the spirit of our One Creator we can all achieve the miracle that we came to this Earth to achieve; it only takes every single person on this planet, to believe in the Greatest Show on Earth: the birth of a Bold New World.

To download my full paper click on the Ascension tab and scroll down to the bottom. Thank you Truth Seeker!

Recommended reading: "Arriving at the Promised Land: What on Earth Will It Take?"



29. Salla, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances, 347.

Timeline of Advanced Space Technology and Secrecy

[Michael E. Salla, Ph.D., Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances (Pahoa: Exopolitics Institute, 2015).]

· 1910: Albert Einstein and Arnold Sommerfeld conduct a thought experiment involving what is now called a "tachyonic antitelephone." This device was hypothesized to be able to telegraph into the past due to the ability of the tachyon particle to travel faster than the speed of light.

· 1919: Maria Orsic starts the Vril society as an offshoot of the wealthy metaphysical German Thule Society.

· 1923-1928: Thomas Townsend Brown pioneers a theory of Electro-gravitics. Receives British patent in 1928 for his apparatus known as a "gravitator." Patent name: "A Method of and an Apparatus or Machine for Producing Force or Motion." According to Dr Paul LaViolette, machine was capable of, "2,000 newtons per kilowatt, or 130 times the thrust-to-power ratio of a jet engine, or 10,000 the thrust-to-power ratio of the space shuttle main engine."

· ~1924: German Secret Space Program is created to build advanced anti-gravitic crafts involving the help of Professor Schumann, Orsic's telepathic communications with advanced beings, and funding by the Thule Society Nazi SS groups.

· 1931: German Flying Saucer Prototype testing.

· 1933:

o First documented reports of flying saucer or cigar-shaped aircraft.

o German Flying Saucer Craft is recovered by government officials in Italy.

o Top Secret Organization is formed in Italy to study German UFO Crash: II Duce, RS/33 Cabinet, headquartered in Rome's La Spezia University.

· 1936: Large cigar shaped craft is sighted in Italy.

· 1938: Secret agreement between Mussolini and Hitler for the development of flying saucer technologies.

· 1939: Pact of Steel treaty is signed between Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany for war efforts.

· 1939: Nazi SS develops it's first fully operational flying saucer named "Haunebu 1," according to Peter Moon.

· 1942: Germans land on the moon using a Miethe rocket according to Bulgarian researcher Vladimir Terziski.

· 1943: Work begins on Vril Society Andromeda Device which uses Tachyon-particle propulsion drive technology.

· 1946-47: Operation High Jump: United States military is sent to Antarctica under Admiral Byrd where upon troops interact with E.T.'s and their spacecraft. According to whistleblower Stein/Kewper, the United States Navy forces are attacked by unidentified flying objects. (UFO's)

· 1947: First documented UFO sighting in the United States by pilot Kenneth Arnold, near Mt. Rainier.

· July 1947: Roswell UFO Crash in New Mexico is followed by a disinformation campaign claiming the craft was a crashed "weather balloon."

· 1947-1948: Schumann works in the U.S. at Wright Patterson Air Force Base on classified projects.

· 1948: Captain Thomas Mantell pursues a UFO in the skies over Ohio and crashes.

· 1951: Earliest documentation for the construction of Area S-4 appears in Las Vegas newspaper with an estimated expense of $300,000,000.

· 1952: Classified report from the USAF on a wave of flying saucer sightings.

· July, 12 1952: German flying saucer crafts fly in the skies over Washington, D.C. forcing President Truman to accept Nazi Scientists into various control structures in the United States.

· 1953: Brown writes proposal to the U.S. Navy to start a highly secret project for the development of electrogravitic powered flying saucers.

· 1954: Aviation Report describes the secrecy of electro-anti-gravitation.

· 1955: Ownership of Area 51 facilities is transferred from the Department of Energy to the CIA. The CIA builds a classified spy plane facility at Groom Lake to serve as a cover for E.T. and advanced technology studies at S-4.

· 1957: Brown files a U.S. patent for flying saucers.

· By 1959: Electrogravitics becomes classified technology.

· 1961: Otis Carr's independent development of an antigravity device leads to his imprisonment.

· 1964: Blackbird SR-71 is deployed by USAF, capable of speeds up to Mach 3.5. (Mach 1 is equivalent to the speed of sound).

· 1980-1981: The Secret Space Program "Solar Warden," goes active; it's job is to police the solar system.

· Nov 1988: U.S. Air Force unveils B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber which can function as an antigravity aircraft.

· 1995: Glen Martin Aircraft merges into the Lockheed Martin Company.

· Late 1990's: 18 documents are leaked to researchers dating from the 1930's pertaining to Fascist Italy UFO sightings.

· 2007: Boeing is denied declassification of antigravitic technology for commercial use.

· 2013: Area 51 Groom Lake location is officially acknowledged.

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