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Your Life: A T.V. Show and a Game.

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Your life is a T.V. show; but you forget. You forget that you are the main character in your own T.V. show. And so you go through life getting totally caught up in the plot, and what happens to you, forgetting that the most important part of the T.V. show is the moral of the story. That’s what you take with you when you go back to the other side, the lessons you learned here in this earth classroom. Our lives are about soul growth, period. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of relationships and events that you completely forget about the lessons you came here to learn. And over and over the cycle continues until you finally break free of this human experience because you have become God’s Love and Light incarnate. Everyone in your life was cast in your T.V. show before you came here. No one stays for longer than they need to, just enough time to trigger our wounds to begin healing.

Low and behold, an angel on your side? Yes, it’s just like a video game, at some point GAME OVER, but more lives await you. Who is playing the video game? Who is watching the T.V. show? Good question. The you that is you over there, not the you that is you over here on the Earth Plane. The trick is that the you down here at this lower vibrational reality can connect with the you up on the heavenly plane for guidance at any time. This is called your God-self or your Higher Self. You need help on your journey? E.T. PHONE HOME= CALL THE SPIRIT REALM. Pray every day. "But I don’t need help," you might say, "I can run my own show." But do you remember the script? You are not the director of your show, your higher self is and your higher self craves soul growth; it wants to learn those lessons so it can transcend and ascend to the next level in the game. The rules of the game? Whatever you did not resolve in your other lives you will attempt to rectify in this one. Every T.V. show you star in is your individual part of God’s saga. So how do you win the game? You learn your power in God and you learn how to use this power for the greater good of all souls’ growth. Wow, that’s a lot of responsibility, to be and operate as God’s love and light incarnate. So don’t let your T.V. show be a drama; let it be a comedy, or a documentary or a still picture. Remember, the take home message is all that counts.

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