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Where Is God?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

God resides within you; therefore you are here in this human experience to manifest God power, God knowledge and God love. The whole point of being human is to manifest God through the flesh. Life is a test to remember who you are, where you came from, and what God is. You were born blind, meaning you have no hindsight. Where did you come from? Well certainly somewhere. Where are you going? Well, perhaps back where you came from. Let there be no mistake that you have never been here before as exactly who you are now, but certainly you have been here before. Can you remember? Try to remember.

The bible was meant to be a sort of users manual for life, a spiritual and moral compass for success in the human experience. But much has been removed from the original writings. You should know first and foremost that you are a soul; your energy exists in multiple dimensions or realms. Death is not anything to be afraid of, it merely means you disconnect from your physical form and that part of your spirit which is in your body, reunites with the whole.

Hell is a consequence of thought and thought alone. Heaven is always a probability, but we tend to stay too much in our lower selves to notice it. Jesus is one way to reach God, but we are here to reach God in our own way, through the heart, soul and mind. Learning to love one-self is a pre-requisite for any kind of growth or evolution of humankind.

Because God is within us, we are part-God. What does that mean? It means that you cannot disconnect from God. When you break something, all of the pieces are still there. Thus when the heart breaks, or the mind is not working up to speed, we feel disconnected from God, but we are not. Without God, nothing can exist. God is in everything: every plant, animal, species, mineral, rock and tree. Because of this truth, God is EVERYTHING.

May the infinite power of love and truth within you bless you forever.

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