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The Divided States of America

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

​It seems like we will allow anything to divide us-

whether our skin colors

our religious beliefs

our sex

our sexuality

our gender

our diet

our political beliefs

our place of origin

our level of education…

We must begin to focus on what unites us in any given moment...

And is that not our common humanity? Our hearts that beat, our eyes that see and our ears that listen?

We must begin to realize that we are only divided by our human opinions, and that the only thing that will unite us as a country is the Absolute Truth.

While from opinion and personal experience come belief, from vigorous study, searching and open-mindedness come true knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

An opinion can be one of many, and a belief a two dimensional experience of right or wrong, good or bad. If we cannot see past what we believe to be true or real we will remain a deceived and ignorant people. Lies will continue to divide us and stubborn egotism will prevail. We will fall individually instead of rising together in solidarity.

But what will move us forward in unity is a common grounding in a desire for true freedom, true justice and true love for our broken nation. A people without a common goal to strive for greatness will fail to achieve the highest possible reality for mankind. While no man desires to be wrong, all of humanity must desire to be correct: in thinking, feeling and acting.

In this time of great turning we are being given a choice: remain divided in old ideologies or unite in the absolute and divine love of our Creator. It is easy to defeat an army fraught with disarray that knows not what it is fighting for; yet it is nearly impossible to defeat a United Front standing strong in it's common resolve, strategy and vision.

On this night across planet Earth, God please help us to seek the absolute truth and nothing but the truth, and lift us at once out of this sea of confusion, lies and corruption. Bring to justice all who have wronged us individually and collectively. May our souls be guided by your Divine Light of Truth, and healed by your Divine Love.

Love, Shira Notes

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