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The Collective Push to Fourth Density

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

It is a very sensitive time to be on this planet; many energies are shifting and moving in alignment with the divine plan for Planet Earth to ascend. We are shifting and moving ourselves, and it is an every day struggle with the pushes and pulls that we are feeling in our own psyche. God is challenging us to grow at leaps and bounds, the evolutionary point we are at right now is a big big leap; inevitably we will fall, and we will fail and try again, harder the next time, with more spiritual tools at our grasp.

As we push forward collectively it is all too important that we begin to notice the quality of the darkness that we are pushing against. This darkness can take the form of fear, pain, jealousy, anger, anxiety or instability. As we push these walls we move not only our individual clouds out of the way but our collective storm clouds that are responsible for creating a lot of the human suffering on this planet.

Density is a term used to denote the level of conscious thinking of a soul group; while the Earth has many groups of souls at various levels of attainment we are now pushing towards the next level of consciousness or "fourth density." It feels very heavy for a reason, our thoughts each have a weight assigned to them, heavy, medium or light. As we chisel the heavier thoughts out of the collective human psyche we will need to rest, re-situate, re-align and re-member where we have been and where we are headed still. Each thought you think counts, if a thought you think in one moment gives you a chest pain, try to pause and remind yourself that this thought can be shifted towards a more loving reality. Tell yourself, "No, I can think a thought that makes me feel better than that." We are the ones in control of our reality here on planet Earth, and we are now pushing collectively to create a more desirable, happy, loving, and light existence for all.

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