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Love or Pain? You Make the Call.

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

We must stop playing the victims of one another. Whether we want to believe it or not, no one causes our suffering. We are mirrors for one another to see our own pain. Again, we are all mirrors for one another to see, face and heal our individual pain. Only by healing our individual pain can we heal our collective pain: the pain, which has infiltrated the human condition and separated us from the love, forgiveness and understanding, which is at the core of our being. We have a choice every day to suffer or to give up suffering, to hurt or to heal.

The problem is that we have become the suffering, because we have identified so tightly with it that we do not know the difference between the pain and our souls; we do not see our own light in the darkness. How can we embrace ourselves more as individuals? How can we find the love that we are in God and bring it out to the surface each and every day? As the sun has a core that creates its fire, so too do we have a core- that which is the God-self, that which desires and needs to shine brightly for all to see, know and feel.

We are all connected in God, yet we focus on our surfaces- anything and everything that makes us “different” from one another. We must desire to know the truth, otherwise we will never discover it. We must decide in our own time when we have suffered enough, and begin to heal our individual pain.

The most important thing we can do is to empower one another to seek truth and healing. We can kill pain with guns, drugs, sex and food, or we can heal pain with our inner God-power and God-love. God is right here within us and all around us to help us heal now. This is a time of great self-examination. We must align with our higher selves now if we want to create a better future for ourselves and for our world.

We learn through our relationships the difference between love and insanity. Human life makes us display insane behaviors, whether we are young or old. The whole point of our incarnations in the human realm is to remember what we truly are: love and light, faith and understanding, forgiveness and perseverance. The situations we are put in are meant to make us grow, they are not meant to torture us, whether or not we want believe this to be true. We constantly test one another’s patience, why? Because if we didn’t we would never learn to radiate the love of our creator in the way we are meant to. We must self-reflect, we must go inward where the truth lies, because on the surface there is contamination, chaos and mystique.

Every day we have the potential to change for the better. Every day we have the opportunity to do something differently. Every day we have the ability to improve our situation. The reason why we have day and night is because come night, we can reflect on the day, allowing us to wake up the next morning and try something new.

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