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I’m Shira Notes, an emerging Music Artist and Spiritual Teacher. My interest in music started in my childhood when I began playing violin in the fourth grade. I then started piano lessons in the sixth grade and continued to learn guitar and drums. At home I was always intrigued with an old acoustic guitar that I would pick up and tinker with, and a very simple, yet fun organ that stood in the foyer. Aside from silly rap songs and an attempted pop song, which were written with my friends in elementary school, my true songwriting talent began right at the end of high school. It remained mostly a hidden side of me all throughout college, as it helped me to come out of my shell and into my own creative self-expression. My first single, "Blue" was released in 2017 and I am happy to announce the release of my second single, "Something Beautiful." I am currently composing music for two new albums and working to record my older material. Aside from writing music, I was always a strong writer on my essays in elementary school where my teachers would repeatedly commend my work and refer to me as “conscientious.” As a child, I used to submit my poetry to a national contest, my poems were published, though I never got around to buying the books.


It wasn’t until age 32 that I sensed a turn in my path was coming, and I soon underwent a deep spiritual awakening which marked the most challenging phase of my life thus far. Determined to heal a drug resistant chronic cough I was plagued with since childhood, I ventured into the realm of past life regression hypnotherapy. This profound first experience with hypnotherapy unlocked the depths of my soul- both the dark and brilliant- and I began to understand my truth and purpose here on Earth. Over the next three years, the healing I would be embarking on would not be merely physical anymore, but heavily mental, emotional and spiritual. As I opened up to receiving God’s guidance and wisdom, I began to channel profound spiritual knowledge. One day during my short stint at medical school, I began writing an essay on human belief. In meditation, I started to receive messages from God in Hebrew. Through this spiritual transformation and shedding of my superficial human layers, I began to understand that I was not merely human, but rather a divine part of God.

As time went on my thirst for truth grew bigger, and I felt a great weight and an almost unbearable task before me: to bring God’s truth, light and healing to a broken human family. I understood finally, that I had come here once again to decrease the suffering on planet Earth with God’s helping hand; that by bringing light and truth to the human condition of pain, fear and insecurity, all darkness could be healed. My work now and for this lifetime, is focused on developing what I term, "The New Earth Healing Program," and writing and producing rock songs aimed toward elevating the consciousness of the planet. I hope for my words, truth and music to bring enlightenment to all, but most importantly, to aid in the collective ascension of mankind to the next level of our human and spiritual evolution.

May God bless you in all things, and may Truth ever seek you.

Love, Shira Notes




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