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Arriving at The Promised Land: What on Earth Will It Take?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It is now very clear to me that there is a centuries old battle taking place here on Earth: the war between love and fear; truth and lies. The human mind so often remains a victim of fear while the heart fights endlessly and tirelessly at the battle lines to annihilate all lies thrown into the collective human psyche. We stand poised at a critical turning point in our human and spiritual evolution: A fissure cuts through our human reality like a fault line, prudently reminding us of an ever changing and volatile virtual landscape. We are now being challenged to turn the page on our gory human history, deciding definitively as a human family that it is time to transcend all old paradigm patterns of destructiveness and carelessness, and pave the path to a healthier, happier, more loving state of existence.

As we make this shift in consciousness we are faced with many hard questions: What is the truth of the human and spirit duality? What is really going on behind the scenes of the world stage? Are we more than just flesh and bones? Perhaps there is something that no one wants you to know about your true power and capability as a divine part of Creation. However strong the amnesia, it is now time to remember our true nature, as we take back planet Earth for God, for good.

Part One

Earth: All Systems Upgrading

Have you ever wondered where you were before you were born? Or, is there something about this life that just doesn’t seem verifiable by science alone? Is it possible that you are a soul temporarily hooked up to a human machine for purposes of growth and evolution? Spiritual mysticism reveals something completely different than what you may have been brought up to believe. Though it appears that we are merely human, there is a magnificent story beginning to unravel regarding our true spiritual origins and untapped divine potential. While we may have been taught that we are limited by physical tools such as telescopes, spiritual tools such as telepathy and astral travel are not out of reach. The more one awakens to truth, the more one opens to the possibility that the human race is likely not the only intelligent species in the cosmos. Indeed, Earth is one world among an infinite number of other worlds, all created for the development and mastery of our divine God qualities: love, strength, compassion and intelligence. In other words, this world and all other worlds in the universes are schools. The concept of Earth as a school is described in Michael Newton’s, “Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life between Lives.” In one of many intriguing investigations, we are told of the challenges inherent to our school, Earth:

“The Earth school is insecure, still...There is so much fear to overcome here. It is a world in conflict because there is too much diversity among too many people. Other worlds have low populations with more harmony. Earth’s population has outpaced it’s mental development...We all know Earth is a difficult school"(1).

If Earth and all other worlds are in fact regarded as schools from a spiritual perspective, is it possible that we as souls may actually be inside of a virtual reality system that operates much like a computer program? Certainly movies such as “The Matrix,” have hinted at this concept, but could this possibly be science-fact and not science-fiction? If so, how do we arrive at the next level in this human game?

Furthermore, given our current world paradigm of tyranny, prejudice, corruption, greed and dis-ease, how do we plan to arrive at The Promised Land? What will it take to heal humanity as a whole and mold the minds of men into their full divine potential? A small-town hero, perhaps, or an ancient biblical archetype might be just what is needed.

The Second Coming of… Moses?

Remember hearing about Moses? In the Old Testament, Moses is said to have led the people of Israel out of Egypt and into The Promised Land. Like most Biblical stories, we have to be very careful when taking things literally. The word, “Egypt,” may not at all refer to the modern day country of Egypt, nor do we have any solid historical evidence that suggests that the events spoken of in the story of Passover actually took place (2). We often forget that the precursor languages of the Bible were Hebrew and Aramaic, yet we rarely look to these original scripts in our everyday study (3). In Hebrew, the word for Egypt is “Mizraim,” which comes from the Hebrew noun “mesar,” meaning distress (4). In the commonly told fable of Passover, the Hebrews in Egypt were forced into physical slave labor under the rule of the Pharaoh. It has been postulated that this slave labor in fact contributed to the building of the pyramids. However, this claim seems to lack any real evidence. In one investigation of what the Jews did actually build, Jonathan Lipnick states that it was not historically possible for the Hebrew slaves to have built the pyramids:

"The Giza pyramids date to roughly 2580 BCE. They were indeed built by slaves, but not by the Hebrews. The enslavement of the Israelites – the descendants of Jacob/Israel – took place at least one thousand years later, sometime in the 13th century BCE"(5).

Unfortunately, it seems that the fable of the Jews having done back-breaking labor contributing to the building of the pyramids lacks merit, and remains a mere fantasy. Interestingly, in the Law of One teachings, Ra, an advanced civilization, claims to have built the larger pyramids using the power of telekinesis (6). Ra, also called Re, was worshiped as a God in Ancient Egypt. If the pyramids were built by telekinesis, it would seem that a lesser-evolved species would indeed worship the creators of these megalithic structures.

Since much information is missing from the exact nature of the slavery in the story of Passover, we might surmise that the degree of hardship at the time deemed it necessary for a powerful leader to guide humankind on a long journey from enslavement to freedom. Let us now explore a different perspective on what the term, “Egypt,” might be referring to. Perhaps it was not a land of physical slavery, but rather mental slavery. That is, that man was chained to his own misery and suffering due to thought alone. In Morgan’s book, “Jesus and Mastership: The Gospel According to Jesus of Nazareth,” a more detailed depiction of the life and spiritual work of Jesus is described. It is told that at the completion of his mission on Earth, Jesus is met by other Ascended beings, namely Moses and Elijah. Here, a very different explanation of the “land” of Egypt is revealed through the voice of Moses:

"As you recall, the last forty years of my physical life on earth were spent in leading the Children of Israel out of the wilderness of confused thinking and acting…Once when I came down from the mountain my countenance was so bright the people could not look upon me…but it was not time for me to raise my body and leave the people, who were still lost in the wilderness of materiality"(7).

Here, Moses refers to Egypt not as a physical land, but rather a mental landscape of chaos, devoid of spiritual guidance. If this perspective is true, then what Moses accomplished here on Earth was no easy task, nor was it simply a stroll through the so-called “wilderness,” as one might think to be a desert or forest. On the contrary, perhaps Moses was not a Forest Ranger at all—rather, he was quite possibly a spiritually trained psychologist and teacher, sent to bring the human family at that time, out of the darkness of fear and suffering and into the light of love, truth and wisdom, or otherwise stated: “Out of Egypt and into The Promised Land.” Equipped with a new understanding of the Biblical Egypt as a land of distress, we are faced with a very important question: How did Moses free the Israelites or, lost children of God, from the wilderness or madness of their own minds? Is history repeating itself, as planet Earth is clearly a land of slavery to the mind? Furthermore, if we were to unravel the true story of “Egypt,” might we realize that we are once again being asked to create a miracle as we part the turbulent seas of the mind and clear the way to a higher level of thinking?

Part Two

The Teachings of Jesus The Christ, Reincarnated

How do we start to journey inward from the madness of the mind to the clarity of the soul? To begin to heal at the level of the collective human psyche, we must first return to love; for without love we have no moral compass as we trek through the wilderness. It seems we have not come such a long way in our ability to love one another and ourselves over the last two thousand years since Jesus The Christ walked this earth. With an estimated 2.2 billion people practicing Christianity world-wide (8), the most important teachings and messages of “The Christ,” have not infiltrated fully into our human experience. We remain a world full of hatred and judgment towards others and ourselves. Still pitted Whites against Blacks, Jews against Christians, Heterosexuals against LGBTQs, Rich against Poor and Male against Female, we have yet to see fully our common humanity and spiritual origins. Why do we continue to remain a world divided over our God-given diversity instead of a world united in our richness and uniqueness? We have yet to understand and accept that we all come from One Creator, and this One Creator is capable of an infinite number of designs as manifested in our physical world. Looking at Earth alone, how many species might co-exist? Too many to name here, yet we still cannot seem to appreciate this magnificence. So, how do we learn to understand, accept and truly cherish what God has given us here on planet Earth?

Jesus walked the Earth on a grand mission to re-align humanity with its divine potential. He preached to a population of miss-guided souls who had lost sight of their individual and collective truth in God. He left us with the important reminder that we are all here to realize and manifest our higher nature as divine creations. He delivered God’s’ hefty request that we are to achieve love for all beings. But until we realize that the same God-seed resides within us all - the same potential to love – we will continue to miss-treat one another, creating division and contrast in the collective human mind. Jesus speaks of realizing this common source and light, that which is God, as the illuminating thread connecting us all:

"I would teach them to love and respect one another as they love and respect themselves, for I realized that very few really did. It is true that unless you respect the God Self within you, you will not respect the God Self in others. God is in all mankind and mankind is in God. God is life, love and all good."(9)

Jesus clearly underlined the principle of treating others as one would like to be treated, but what was perhaps lacking at that time and still is now is an abundance of true love toward self. If one cannot recognize his or her own greatness and potential, there is little chance of seeing the inherent value of God in each and every being. It is more important than ever for human beings to foster unconditional love and acceptance for self first, after which point one has a higher capability of directing those positive feelings toward others. Working with our thoughts and emotions will be pivotal in achieving this goal. After all, the root cause of judgment, hatred and violence on planet Earth is erroneous thinking. Once we align our thoughts with love and a higher vision, we can transform the present state of distress on the planet to a healthier, happier reality. It is due time that we begin to search within our souls for the God-Self, the abundant source of love and truth that is buried deep within this human disguise.

Since the time of Jesus, many important truths have been hidden from mankind, allowing untruths to been fed to the masses and swallowed without proper examination. For example, Jesus’ crucial teachings on reincarnation and our immortal nature were largely removed from the New Testament in order to keep knowledge of our spiritual truth hidden from the churchgoer. As Wilcock points out in, “Synchronicity Key,” Roman authorities outlawed the concept of reincarnation from colloquial language. Remembering who we are in God, from where we came and to where we are going, allows for a deeper understanding and awareness of our individual and collective existence.

"In the Second Council of Constantinople, in A.D. 553, the Roman government officially declared that it was illegal to believe in or teach the concept of reincarnation. Failure to abide by this law would lead to banishment and excommunication, which in those days meant almost certain death. The exact edict reads, “If anyone asserts the fabulous pre-existence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it, let him be anathema [excommunicated]."(10)

It is not a new trick to make truth illegal in this world. Unfortunately, the ancient wisdom on reincarnation and immortality continues to be largely left behind in our modern day churches and temples, leaving us ignorant regarding our spiritual destiny. It is important to know that we are not here to live once and die and go to “heaven” or “hell.” We go to different planes in the spirit realm after our physical deaths, depending on our level of advancement and soul’s desire for further growth. We abide by the law of karma, which means that we “pay” for and in turn correct our wrongdoings in each human experience, through consecutive, or sometimes even parallel, physical life experiences. Jesus the Christ intended to reverse the human fear of death through his teachings on reincarnation:

"Some of you have been wondering what occurs after death. Since you already believe that you periodically re-embody, then your question is, ‘what takes place between earth lives?’ Your soul will be either on the astral plane or the etheric plane. There you review your past lives and determine what you will do in your next life."(11)

Moving forward on our evolutionary path, it is important to remember that we are not human to begin with; we are souls at varying levels of advancement who come here to planet Earth for a Human Experience. We go through countless lifetimes of immeasurable learning, struggle and celebration to take our souls to the next level in the development of our God Self: the core of our being. When we come here, we are blinded from birth to our original place of origin, which is heaven, or the astral plane. Why is this? Perhaps our One Creator decided that it would be too easy of a human game to incarnate with this knowledge; however, it could be that our overall suffering would decrease if we were told at birth of our deeper origins and the level of soul maturation that we set out to achieve in this lifetime. That way one could say, “Ah, yes, I do remember which of my soul qualities I came here to perfect this time, and certainly I will succeed. For I know this world is merely a school for my learning and I will be safe and protected through all of my struggles.” Nonetheless, more and more young children are remembering their previous lives whether here on Earth, or on other worlds. After all, the true story of one’s soul is always waiting to be discovered when one is ready to remember.

Part Three

The Steep Climb to Fourth Density

The higher state of consciousness and spiritual attainment that we are working towards on planet Earth is known in “Law of One” terms as fourth density (12). This leg of a soul’s journey is focused on learning love and compassion, and achieving a higher understanding of human suffering. The fourth density could very well signify what is referred to as The Promised Land: A state of true mental, emotional and physical freedom of being. Along this path of human and spiritual evolution, we are challenged to realign with our soul-light, or the source energy from which we all arise. The source of God within us reminds us of our one true human purpose: soul growth and evolution towards oneness. As we ascend collectively as a human species, we evolve to become a more loving, caring, accepting and compassionate race of beings. We step into our higher responsibility to care unconditionally for one another, and to align with the greatest good for all.

These spiritual growth spurts occur throughout our eternal and infinite existence as divine beings. As detailed further in the Law of One Study Guide, souls continue to evolve after reaching the fourth density. In “The Synchronicity Key,” Wilcock explains that intelligent life throughout the cosmos evolves in waves or cycles of advancement, and we are now approaching the end of the third and final 25,000-year cycle in our collective leap from third to fourth density.

"In the Law of One model, there are literally millions of planets with humanlike beings on them in our Milky Way galaxy alone. Each of them is very carefully watched over and guided by beings in higher densities of existence. The humans on these planets are not expected to remain as third-density, flesh-and-blood biological life-forms forever. The universe is designed to promote our evolution into the Rainbow Body state in fixed intervals of time, spanning roughly twenty-five thousand-years. Each time one of these cycles ends, it is called a “harvest” in Law of One terms, as we saw earlier. Every third-density planet in our galaxy runs through three twenty-five-thousand-year cycles before it moves out of third density entirely and fully transitions into fourth density."(13)

Having this expanded awareness of our spiritual inclination to strive towards soul advancement, one is left to re-examine his or her own moral standing. As we grow in our awareness of self, it becomes easier to see that our relationships with one another serve to support our individual and collective evolution in God. Naturally, we all serve as crystal clear mirrors by which we can help one another see and correct our common human errors. Working with the mind becomes the focal point of the third to fourth density climb. As we learn to take control over and re-construct the negative and un-loving thoughts we harbor towards others and ourselves, our external reality changes in parallel.

This collective heart-centered shift in consciousness will, in time, allow for certain advanced technologies which, until we become a non-violent race, will not be allowed in the hands of the people. In the coming months and years ahead, we as a human civilization will be challenged to become aware of and re-write the erroneous mental programming that has kept us slaves in “Egypt,” chained to chronic fear, self-loathing, unhappiness and suffering. Thus, entering “The Promised Land,” will indeed not be a simple trek through the forest, but rather it will be a venture of self-discipline and deep individual and collective healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of our being.

A New Earth Arises

It is now evident that planet Earth and its inhabitants are undergoing a very challenging time of transformation known in spiritual terms as ascension. This upward evolution involves the individual and collective growth of souls on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. We are now being collectively guided on a path toward discovering and aligning with our God-selves, whilst discarding the errant thought patterns and behaviors that have become so stubbornly etched into the human condition.

If you follow “Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock,” a Gaia original program, or are tuned in to the conscious life community, you may have heard of the proselytized solar flash. It is said that in the near future, a powerful light storm, or “flash,” will flood the atmosphere of planet Earth, turning our heads toward the heavens in wonderment and changing our reality, as we know it. This high vibrational energy will serve to accelerate the already occurring planetary wide spiritual awakening, as part of an evolutionary grand unfolding that is under divine orchestration.

In preparation for what is to come, we must shed our skin as a civilization; replacing all fear and lies with spiritual truth. We must lay down the physical weapons that we have abused and replace them with the power of infinite love that exists within us. Wanting to know who we truly are in God and what we are capable of achieving must become the driving force of our thoughts and actions. Under the guise of a human or other-life form, in each incarnation our souls move toward ever-higher levels of understanding of our divine potential. Along our souls’ evolutionary journey, we come to realize our original make-up of love and light, and God’s heart and mind is able to directly touch our physical experience. The metamorphosis we have set out to achieve at this time on planet Earth will indeed be spectacular. Armed with love and faith in our One Creator to take us to the next phase of our collective soul evolution, let us march onward and upward to create a brighter day and a New Earth.


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