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  • Beginner Telepathy Thought Tracking Worksheet

  • This worksheet is for people experiencing intrusive thoughts that are either positive or negative.

  • This worksheet is registered with the Library of Congress. Please feel free to share.

  • Understanding and Healing Loneliness: An in depth spiritual exploration.


1 on 1 support (and group support when available).

It's hard to talk about loneliness, but the reality is that it affects most of us at some point in our lives and can negatively impact our health. If you are experiencing chronic or acute loneliness you are not alone! Loneliness is rarely taken into account when it comes to our mental health, so at this support group we openly acknowledge the phenomenon of loneliness in our society and discuss how it affects us on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. I created a 5-6 week discussion format allowing for a deep inner exploration on the human experience of loneliness.

What you will get from this journey:

1. A deeper understanding of the causes of loneliness at the level of individual and society.
2. A Loneliness Survival Cheat Sheet to fill in.
3. Exercises and Meditations.

WEEK 1: How and why do we experience loneliness?
WEEK 2: What are our needs as human and spiritual beings? Read, "Loneliness: An Epidemic?" Hannah Schulze
WEEK 3: What is the purpose of our loneliness? Is physical aloneness always emotional
loneliness? Read, "Move from Loneliness to Aloneness." Osho
WEEK 4: How do we experience God's Love?

Pay what you can.


  • Transgender Pyschology Research

Do you identify as transgender/transsexual or desire to have a sex change? If so please participate in my independent research study by completing this survey!

  • Spiritual Mentoring

Are you new to the concept of Ascension? Are you sick of being in a bad relationship with yourself and NOT having one with God? Have traditional counseling models not quite cured you? You are in the right place!


Be my guinea pig as I continue to develop and finalize my "New Earth Healing Program," a mastery program for the healing of all Lower Self patterns of thinking, feeling and acting that cause us the most suffering in this world: Fear/Insecurity, Anger, Control Issues, Doubt, Shame, Worthlessness, Denial, Jealousy, Addiction, Negative Thinking, OCD, Emotional Pain. Successful healing is dependent entirely on understanding and mastering the Higher Self/God Self to the extent possible right now.

Pay what you can.

  • Monthly Truth Video Night

The Truth is coming out faster than ever! The Truth that there exists both Good and Evil in God's Creation and we are once again fighting a great battle against the evil factions on this Earth in order to reach our intended ascension to 4D and beyond. Join me as we watch interviews, documentaries and movies related to Global, Universal and Spiritual Truths. 

Use the contact form to receive the Sunday night link. We use Microsoft Teams.

  • Truth Theater Group

We are a new group of performing artists, writers, singers, producers, directors and musicians with the goal of bringing light, truth and hope to the city of San Diego through satire.





Transgender Survey
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