"Taking Control of the Non-Self Thoughts in Your Mind Part 1: How Spirituality Explains Psychosis.”

Updated: Jan 26

By: Shira Notes

How do we discern between the voices in our heads? A question that for centuries has led to people being called, “Psychotic” or “Schizophrenic.” How does the development of telepathy tie in to modern psychological diagnoses? Over the past year and a half I have been led to study the voices in my own head in order to achieve a higher understanding of my experiences as my spiritual abilities awakened. Telepathy is a real phenomenon associated with the development of the chakras. Many people are mistakenly labeled "crazy," due to a lack of spiritual education. I hope this article sheds light on the multi-dimensional human-being and how we can maintain stability in an ever-changing spiritual landscape.

Part 1: Disputing Modern Psychology

I choose this excerpt from “Understanding Mania” in order to shed light on the abundant presence of miss-information on the World Wide Web. While the focus on this article is on being the guardian of one’s own mind, I will first give an example of how modern day psychology must be studied from a holistic and spiritual perspective. Many “symptoms” of mania can be better understood when one is able to study his or her own thoughts in depth.

“More severe symptoms include hallucinations (hearing, seeing, or otherwise sensing the presence of stimuli that are not there) and delusions (false personal beliefs that are not subject to reason or contradictory evidence and are not explained by a person's cultural concepts). Feelings of paranoia, during which the patient believes he or she is being persecuted or monitored by the government or a hostile force, may be present. Intense and unusual religious beliefs may also be present, such as a patient's strong insistence that they have a God-given role to play in the world, a great and historic mission to accomplish, or even that they possess supernatural powers.” (4)

False assumption number one: “hallucinations (hearing, seeing, or otherwise sensing the presence of stimuli that are not there)”

There are many of us on this planet who are spiritually evolved and hold many "psychic" abilities. These abilities include seeing at a distance, hearing at a distance, smelling at a distance, feeling at a distance and knowing at a distance. The ability to hear at a distance is known as “clairaudience.” Here is where the term schizophrenia and words like “hallucination” become an inaccurate and unjust attack on spiritually in-tune individuals. The focus of this paper is on hearing at a distance. The ability of the sixth sense of hearing or telepathy is awakened through the fifth chakra. Chakras are an integral part of the human bio-field, or energy body. "The chakras are inter-dimensional energy vortexes that regulate the flow of life-force energy between and among dimensions...” (2) While the word dimensions may cause you to raise your eyebrows, the premise that our three dimensional perspective is only a basic reality has been theorized multiple times in the field of quantum physics. As explained by Dr Richard Jelusich, chakras are comparable to transformers that convert PSI energy into Qi or life force energy. When our human self meets our spiritual or higher self, the chakras awaken resulting in “psychic” abilities. "As a fifth chakra individual...you have the ability to telepathically engage with other people, plants and animals and can engage in prophecy." (2)

Spiritual evidence based on the human experience tells us that the sixth senses, like the other five senses, create real, valid experiences. Thus there is no such thing as hearing, seeing or otherwise sensing something that isn’t there. Every human experience is real, whether it is taking place in the three dimensional earth plane or another plane of existence. Author Colleen Mauro states, “In experiments dating back to the nineteenth century, scientist have validated two types of telepathy: instinctual, or feeling based, telepathy and mental, or mind-to-mind, telepathy. According to Wisdom teachings, there is also another, higher type of telepathy called soul-to-soul, or spiritual, telepathy.” (1) Mauro goes on to discuss scientific studies and experiments that have been conducted across different cultures in the world to validate the existence of telepathic communication. Undoubtedly, we can hear outside of our physical ears; the question becomes, where do the voices, thoughts or energy forms come from?

False assumption number two: "delusions (false personal beliefs that are not subject to reason or contradictory evidence and are not explained by a person's cultural concepts)."