Being On the Soul Level

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

When you are not willing to look at yourself, to see yourself from different angles, to examine your soul, your mind, and your heart, your beliefs, and your judgments; when you are not willing to understand your own suffering and work to create your own peace… the world remains stagnant from generation to generation, frozen in hatred and pain, misunderstanding and blame.

When you hold something against someone else, it’s never about them, it’s about you; a hurt in you, or a fear, or a shame, or a thought pattern, or a way of reacting, was triggered in you by them, so you can heal it. We are mirrors. We are here to reflect each other’s inner wounds, so the truth can come to the surface to heal and be set free.

I often forget that humanity evolves painstakingly slow. Through each life there is some change, and some setback. There is joy, and there is sorrow. There are some who fall and never stand back up; others who break yet rise above.

Life is about seeing where we are being held back in our own evolution. For me, I often forget that most of what I am exists on a higher dimension. My higher spiritual self wants all of me to be there, but my lower human self is slow in learning the lessons that are required to reach the next level. The most important thing is to realize that you don’t need to be stuck in the lower dimensions of existence: Fear, Hatred, Pain, Blame, Guilt… But it takes a lot of self-realization and a lot of self-healing in order to transcend these human conditions. We are not merely human; we are SOUL, SPIRIT, MIND AND HEART.

We must learn the controls to operate this ship we are sailing, a task that takes many lifetimes, many failures, and a lot of faith. We are not here to let the world control us or to let others thoughts, opinions or actions control us. But we are here to learn the controls of our mind, to learn the power of our spirit, and to see the truth of our soul.

I feel deeply and I realized this depth is due to soul connection, spirit connection, and heart connection with others. We are always connected through the heart and mind of God. So, though we may experience our lower selves bringing us down constantly, being impatient and childish and blaming our suffering on others, this lower self is here to evolve to meet the higher self and to know God, and to ultimately exist in a place of true love and understanding of our selves and each other.

The physical body we live in is only a small part of the ship we sail. The physical is only relevant in human life, in human lessons, and in learning what it means to love. If we hold on to our humanity too much, we forget the bigger picture of our spiritual evolution, but if we focus too much on the higher self, we forget that the lower self needs time to grow, room to heal, and a whole lot of tender love and care. The balance we seek between the spiritual realms and our earthly existence is one of hyper-awareness; awareness of thought energy, awareness of emotion, and awareness of our spiritual or psychic gifts that we are here to manifest through our human form in order to evolve according to God’s plan for us.

We must start to pay attention to the thoughts we hear--from where are they arising? Did we create them on our own? Did someone else tell them to us? Are we telepathic (as per our spiritual evolution) and hearing the thoughts of others? Are there souls, perhaps our friends and ancestors in the spirit realm who are contacting us? What about our emotions? Is this my fear or did I pick it up from someone else? Is this my pain or did I take it on from someone else? I’ll tell you a quick story; I was walking with my mother past a homeless man. He put down a large plastic bag and asked a stranger to watch it. I heard in my mind the word “bomb!” A few moments later my mother said, “I thought there was a bomb in that bag!” And I replied, “I know, I felt your fear.” As we learn to understand energy forms and where they arise from, we can separate out the experiences of others from our own. Once we achieve a sense of self, we also gain a sense of our interconnectedness and the way in which we operate as spiritual beings in the mind of God.

The evolution of our ability to communicate on the level of the mind will be a trial laden development for most of us. We must talk openly about our experiences with thought and emotion in order to help one another avoid falling into the labels of a society whom stubbornly perceives spiritual evolution as mental dysfunction. Now is the time to open up about our experiences and to share with one another without fear of being labeled by society’s collective judgment. By letting go of fear we enable ourselves to open up like a flower that blooms to expose it’s true identity.

May we all learn to use the power of the mind, heart and spirit.

-Shira Notes

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